Note Guy template add twitter button

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This is a great looking template and I added a twit this button to this one fairly easy and you can also, first go into layout of your template and click the Edit HTML, then expand widgets and look for this code;

<div class='post-body entry-content'>
<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->

After this code is your bookmark codes, go download you a 24 x 24px twitter button and pick a place to add it, either at the end or make room before the end to add it, upload your twitter button to blogger and check the edit html code in your editor and look for the src=the http link, by coping this link you can make the image appear without hosting it anywhere just save now the twitter button after giving the post a name and then copy the src=(url) to use to display the twitter image in your book mark section like this;

<li><a expr:href='&quot;; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;title=&quot; + data:post.title'><img alt='Twitter' class='bookmark-icon' src='LINK TO THE TWITTER IMAGE SAVED IN BLOGGER POST'/></a></li>

This will add a twitter this image to all your posts as well as the other links that are provided in this template, and if not twitter add other social bookmarks this is a neat template give it a try, and remember the twitter image you saved in the post you made you have to go into edit HTML of your editor to find the src='IMAGE LINK'.
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Install Opera 10 on Slackware x86_64

Posted: 9/10/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

Go over to and get the 64bit source download (only if you have 64bit) and download the file, next in a terminal cd to the current place you downloaded the file and un-tar it using the command, tar -xvjf the opera file name.tar.bz2.

After it is un-tarred cd to the file where it is and become root by using the su command, after you are root issue the command ./ after this it will ask questions answer y for yes to these and then that's it Opera will appear in your internet packages.

This is actually my file from slack build;
cd /home/linux/Desktop
Once there enter this command;
tar -xvjf opera-10.00.gcc4-qt4.86_64.tar.bz2
so now we need to know the number of the un-packed file and enter the folder,
cd /home/linux/Desktop/opera-10.00-4585.gcc4-qt4.x86_64
Once there make sure you are logged in as root and simply issue the command ./ and answer the yes questions.

Had to get flash going in Slack 13.0 x86_64

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Same old flash problem different distro, coming here to my blog I saw flash not working and browser asking me to download it to which it replied no suitable plugins found? Here is what I did, using my post here I downloaded the plugin and extracted it and in root drug it over to plugins and dropped it and it worked for me and here is the path;


drop it in the plugins folder there,after I did that I had flash then. Just figured I would put that out there it is working good right now, good luck.

Slackware 13.0 x86_64 KDE 4.2.4

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Testing some Slackware Linux, Slackware 13.0 x86_64. screen-shot of the KDE desktop, modified. Click on photo for a larger view, after installing this Slackware it seems to run real smooth this is the 64bit and I immediately noticed by sliding in one of my favorite movies it started playing with out downloading anything and usually I have to download extras to play a movie. I did plug in my bluetooth device and have not gotten it to work yet,probably just something I am doing wrong. Follow the links below to read about it and give it a try, so far I like it real well.

After one of the most intensive periods of development in Slackware's history, the long awaited stable release of Slackware 13.0 is ready. This release brings with it many major changes since Slackware 12.2, including a completely reworked collection of X packages (a configuration file for X is no longer needed in most cases), major upgrades to the desktop environments (KDE version 4.2.4 and Xfce version 4.6.1), a new .txz package format with much better compression, and other upgrades all around -- to the development system, network services, libraries, and major applications like Firefox and Thunderbird. We think you'll agree that this version of Slackware was worth the wait. Also, this is the first release of Slackware with native support for the 64-bit x86_64 architecture! Major kudos to Eric Hameleers for all of his work, especially on the 64-bit port.
Slackware project
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Nice template called Creative by Nature

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Great looking template called Creative by Nature can be found over at Deluxe Templates, this is really a neat looking template. When I first installed it the page element page on the widgets was floating a little to the right and hiding the edit widget link. I found a fix around this by adding some code before the skin tag in the edit html section, first log into blogger and go to layout and edit html, look for this code;
.left-area {
#footer p {
.right-area {

Directly above the skin tag add this code,remember you have to create a space there so put your pointer directly in front of } and hit enter to create the space to paste your code in. Paste in this code;

/** Page structure tweaks for layout editor wireframe */
body#layout #header {
width: 760px;
body#layout #outer-wrapper,
body#layout #content-wrapper,
body#layout #header,
body#layout #footer-wrapper {
width: 760px;

body#layout #main-wrapper {
width: 400px;

body#layout #sidebar-wrapper {
width: 300px;
margin-left: 10px;

Now when you go to your layout page should be able to see the edit widget line, I have only tried this in Firefox but should work with Internet Explorer also, and I almost forgot don't forget to save your template after adding your new code. The main idea for editing wireframe came from, the Blogger Guide but I altered the code a little and change the numbers as you can see. The orginal is for a 3 column template.
Update; tested this in IE,Firefox,Opera-10 and Google Chrome, it works with everything except Chrome and it probably could be tweaked some way to work in chrome also.
Download this great looking template

Pot garden discovered on public land

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Apparently it is worth over 36 million dollars, watching the video I found out that the people who come up here have masterful irrigation systems installed for watering their crop. More patrols would probably find this stuff faster and find a lot more of it, in my neck of the woods alone helicopters patrol all the time looking for the stuff.

This week’s bust in California is one of the largest yet, and is the first time Sequoia National Park had to close down an exhibit as a result of a drug bust. Sadly, that exhibit is a well-known cave, with a crystal-covered interior.

Authorities discovered the massive pot garden only about a half-mile away from the popular cave. Park Rangers repelled from helicopter to clear out the site, which included trash, propane tanks, and thousands of feet of irrigation hose. Much of the pot garden had already been harvested, but combined with the remaining plants was estimated to be worth at least $36 million.

Is it really death of the robocall? We can only hope

Posted: 8/31/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

Well what the FTC is planning to do could be another nail in the coffin so to speak, and reading this story kind of build up my hopes that the robocall could finally die and give up the ghost, but I will give it some time and see how many dinner interruptions I get after the ban goes into effect.

The rule change, then, will affect companies that can legally make telemarketing calls but are not banks, charities, telcos, or politicians. Such companies will need to obtain written consent from consumers before robocalling them.

Apparently violaters also face of fine of up to $16,000 per call, this sounds like good news but just can't believe the old aggravating calls known as robocall will go down without a fight there are too many of us out there they can terrorize,,lol, These are some of the biggest annoicances (Banks, politicians, charities, and telephone companies are also allowed to robocall away, even when asking for cash.)