Install Opera 10 on Slackware x86_64

Posted: 9/10/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

Go over to and get the 64bit source download (only if you have 64bit) and download the file, next in a terminal cd to the current place you downloaded the file and un-tar it using the command, tar -xvjf the opera file name.tar.bz2.

After it is un-tarred cd to the file where it is and become root by using the su command, after you are root issue the command ./ after this it will ask questions answer y for yes to these and then that's it Opera will appear in your internet packages.

This is actually my file from slack build;
cd /home/linux/Desktop
Once there enter this command;
tar -xvjf opera-10.00.gcc4-qt4.86_64.tar.bz2
so now we need to know the number of the un-packed file and enter the folder,
cd /home/linux/Desktop/opera-10.00-4585.gcc4-qt4.x86_64
Once there make sure you are logged in as root and simply issue the command ./ and answer the yes questions.


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