Install flash on opera 10 for x86_64bit system

Posted: 8/01/2009 by Floyd in Labels: ,

I wanted to give opera 10 a try and soon discovered it is very fast,but,just don't have enough extensions like Firefox but fast as it is I use it quite a lot just for surfing around. My problem after the download was that I went to youtube and I had audio but no video, so I am looking for a quick fix and found it.

Go over to softpedia and download the flash player for 64bit Linux to your desktop as a tar file and right click on it and extract here.  You will end up with a file, press alt+F2 and type in gksudo nautilus, navigate to the file system then usr/lib/opera there should be a folder called plugins there. Drag and drop the file into this folder and now you should be able to open opera 10 and watch some youtube.

Remember this is for the 64bit system, I am running it now and it is working great for me I hope it works great for you guys also, lets make it simple, the simpler the better.

Opera 10 for Linux x86_64 bit system


  1. Brian says:

    Didn't work for me. Call me crazy, but I tried installing both the version from softpedia and the official Adobe "" No good. Oh well. Someday, in a perfect world, Flash will completely support linux and linux will completely support 64 bit. In the mean time, I'll just use firefox.

    > < > Brian

  1. Floyd says:

    That is strange Brian,,after dragging it over there still don't work? Flash is a big hang-up in Linux,before you give up try this;

    Open Opera click on tools-->preferences and go to the advanced tab,click on downloads on the left side find one says application/x-shockwave-flash and click edit at the bottom it says use plug-in from pull down menu and select one that says shockwave flash-/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ and if it does not work you can try a different one from pull down window click o.k and exit.

  1. The strategy is the same for Firefox. Copy the library to the /usr/lib[64]/mozilla/plugins directory or /usr/lib[64]/firefox/plugins, making the directory if it doesn't exist.

    Thanks for the confirmation.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello NuclearPeon, Yep I had to create the directory once in a Ubuntu build. It has worked so far by dragging it over into lib64, I had to do it in the one I'm using now Slackware.