How I installed font in Ubuntu fairly easy

Posted: 8/23/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

I will give you an example of a font I use just to get the idea, take the font Desyrel for example; Desyrel font download the font to your desktop and extract it there just right click and extract here it will give you a folder.

on keyboard press Alt+F2 and type in gksudo nautilus and after this it will open a window as root click on file system then usr>share>fonts>truetype and you will want to drag your extracted DESYREL_.ttf from desktop to truetype and drop it there.

Close the window and click on system system>preferences>appearance and click on fonts, and search there click on corresponding window beside the application font, document font, etc.
My settings;
Application font Desyrel 12
Document font Desyrel 12
Desktop font Desyrel 12
window title font (Bold) Desyrel 12
fixed width font Desyrel 12
This is being used as an example, change the font as you wish or use a different one they should all work like this.
Ubuntu default is all 10 and is all sans except last one is monospace, window title font in Ubuntu is also bold, I also make sure that subpixel smoothing (LCDS) is ticked in fonts makes the font easier to read for me.