eSolar launches in California

Posted: 8/11/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

I was watching this I believe on the Discovery channel where they were trying to get one of the huge boilers up on the tower, apparently they have succeeded and was able to launch and get up and running, sounds like great news we just need more of them, apparently it will be supplying 4,000 homes;

Located in Lancaster, California, this is the first eSolar concentrating solar thermal power plant with 24,000 mirrors instead of the company’s usual 12,000. The entire plant was built less than a year through the use of eSolar’s pre-fabricated components. Within that span of time, the plant’s heliostat mirrors have been utilized in various occasions, not to harness energy, but to greet the company CEO on his birthday and celebrate USA’s Independence Day. As was intended by Southern California Edison and eSolar, the 5-megawatt Sierra SunTower plant was connected to the grid this August 5 to power 4,000 homes in California’s Antelope Valley.
story taken from cleantechnica


  1. Gran says:

    This is an exciting concept, Floyd!

  1. Floyd says:

    Yep I am glad to see it launched, when I saw the building of it they were hard pressed to find a crane big enough to hoist the gigantic boiler up.