Dell: Returns are a non-issue

Posted: 8/13/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

This is what tech senior marketing manager had to say about MS spouting off about return ratio of Linux machines verses Microbloat, uh, Microsoft.

the number of Linux returns are approximately the same as those for Windows netbooks. He categorized the matter of returns as a "non-issue". "They are making something of nothing," he said of Microsoft's claims.

This was in response to; Microsoft chief operating officer Kevin Turner recently talked about netbook and claimed that retailers experiencing higher return rates.

And the reason that we were able to make so much traction - because this is the first real test of the value of Windows - the reason we were able to make so much traction on this particular space is because we went to retailers and said, "Hey, what are your return rates on these Linux netbooks that you are getting?" And they said, "Oh, gosh, they're, like, four or five times higher than what we're seeing on other PCs that have Windows." I said, "Exactly." So let's do the TCO story.

Microsoft seemed to be insinuating that netbooks with Linux were some kind of in the stratosphere return problem, which just isn't so.

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