Court overturns software decision

Posted: 8/26/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

The SCO Group vowed to renew legal battles against computer giant IBM and Novell after a federal appeals court ruled Monday in its favor on key issues related to the ownership of software programs that run the computers of companies around the world.

CEO Darl McBride hailed the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals decision as putting back on track its 6-year-old legal battle with IBM. SCO claims its Unix operating system was used illegally by its huge adversary to make a crucial improvement that turned the Linux system into a competitor.

The ruling may mean The SCO Group will renew its effort to collect licensing fees from thousands of companies that run the Linux system, said McBride. He also said the ruling again calls into question IBM's ability to continue marketing its Aix server program, which is derived from Unix.

Salt Lake Tribune

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