Installing Adobe Air on (x86_64) Ubuntu

Posted: 7/18/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

I have finally gotten rid of windows all together and installed the 9.04 Ubuntu Linux on it, one program I used a lot (on windows) was Adobe Air and while surfing the web I ran into a lot of help guides from all over and I have the 64bit version. This quick help guide over at how to forge has put me finally on the right track and following the directions to the letter I finally got my tweet deck working on Linux, the 64bit poses a little problems or it did for me looking around for the right things I need and I ended up downloading the VLC media player for my media purposes this thing will handle about any thing you can throw at it. Just download it from the synaptic pacage manager, but to get it working great you will need to add a few more things, to much of a novice to start going over all that right now,lol, anyway getting back to the Adobe AIR, if you have the 64bit follow these instructions to the letter;
How To Forge Adobe Air x86_64