Halarious lawsuit: Apple conspiring with the Mafia

Posted: 7/21/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

This is one of the best lawsuits that I have read in a while, George McKenna filed a 124 page complaint in District Court in Missouri against Apple and a group of other defendants and to me is one for the record books;

McKenna alleges that Apple conspired with the Italian Mafia to affix special receivers to an iPod shuffle he purchased on eBay and an iPod mini purchased in an Apple Store. These receivers were allegedly used by the Mafia to transmit threatening messages to the iPods.

Which simply goes to show that nothing should surprise us any more, should we then call this a frevilious lawsuit? Or, does it say to us that we can actually file a suit about anything we choose, what ever the case it makes for good blogging.
Read more about the suit at AppleInsider

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