Battered women need not apply

Posted: 7/05/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

This article will tell you the story of Rodi Alvarado from Guatemala and the plight and suffrage from her husband and the endless bureaucracy of the handling of the situation by the government of passing the buck from one to another, the U.S has no provisions that cover victims of domestic violence. It is a story that we all need to read and take a look at the endless red tape this woman was put through and the big excuse really is allowing this would open some loop-hole of an influx of cases claiming asylum in the U.S because of domestic violence, and this possibly could be some truth but some kind of play book should be drawn up or someone should react to this kind of treatment I read about in this public record article and I know that this would be one of the worst cases but at what point does an agency act on this and not pass the buck to someone else?
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  1. Gran says:

    This is a horrifying story, Floyd. The poor woman, I should say women.

  1. Floyd says:

    It is unreal the amount of red tape she went through and could be construed as abuse also.