Found culprit that will also break IE-8

Posted: 6/22/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

I found a piece of code in my page make-up that was breaking IE-8, it is a piece of code I used to frame my blog scream widget, every time I went to leave a comment or went to the comment page IE-8 would break I knew the follower widget was doing it but got me to thinking after removing that what else could it be?

After removing the piece of code that frames my blog scream widget so far I have not gotten an error, knock on wood I mean everything is subject to change right? But as of now it is working o.k and goes to the comment page without the mission aborted and crash of IE-8. Here is the code I remove;

div.iframe {
margin:0 0 0 0;

iframe#ifrm {
border-top:1px solid #666; border-right:1px solid#666; border-bottom:2px solid
#999; border-left:2px solid #999;

Just thought I would mention it, in case it might help someone having trouble with the Internet Explorer and this dreaded operation aborted,,lol..cheers.
Update; It started doing it again never mind,,lol.