Awesome looking template called Blue Diamond

Posted: 6/16/2009 by Floyd in Labels: ,

This is an awesome looking template called blue diamond, comes with 27 images that you upload and host yourself and this takes a little longer to set up but it is worth the effort.

Comes with a featured content or featured post at the top and at this time I have not got it set up but the directions are pretty straight forward, I will try and get time so you can see how this works, you see it in this photo of how it would look.

Kind of a neat feature if you have a special post you want to keep on your main page at all times and it appears at the top of the page also where your readers would have good access to it.

So if you are looking for something a little different and sharp looking at that then blue diamond just might foot your bill, this one goes in the fav column, even though the read more link is inserted into every post I still like this one a lot and the link can be removed easy enough but on the other hand it will take you to the comment page if you have the comments embeded below post so I guess that is easy access also, enjoy.; (tested in Firefox and Internet Explorer-8)

Read more and download this template,Falcon Hive

Author; Skinpress


  1. Gran says:

    I love the dark blue color--it's rich looking!

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks gran this is a nice one, have to upload 27 images but it is worth it thanks for dropping by.