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Posted: 5/20/2009 by Floyd in Labels: ,

You can check my back posts in templates but I don't think I have ever turned this blog red before and that is despite my somewhat left wing views,,lol. So this is red all right but after I got everything changed it seems to look very well on here, I might have to put this one in the favorite column because it preforms well and is a fairly easy set-up but you guys that come here often notice that I change my side bar items to match whatever template I'm using at the time or I try and get dang well close to it, my blog scream app does not have that may color options so I just left it the blue color other than that I changed the others out. Enjoy the red and download your own at this link;

This template does not have embeded comments below posts, you have to add code and it is different than the Aspire template I have worked on lets see if I can show you the way if I can ;
Look for this code in the HTML of your template;

<p class='comment-footer'>
<a href='data:post.addcommenturl' onclick='data:post.addCommentOnclick'><data:postcommentmsg/></a></p></b:if><if>

Replace this all with this code;

<p class='comment-footer'>
<b:if cond='data:post.embedCommentForm'> <b:include data='post' name='comment-form'/><b:else/> <b:if cond='data:post.allowComments'><a href='data:post.addCommentUrl' onclick='data:post.addCommentOnclick'><data:postcommentmsg/></a></b:if></b:if></p></b:if>

Now if everything went well you should be able to save the template and then go into your settings and embed comments below posts again, good luck.

btemplates do up in red


  1. Floyd says:

    This is a template where the comments are not embedding below the posts,got it to work with the Aspire template but as of yet I am unable to embed the comments below the posts in this template. I am going to continue to work on it for a while see if I can get this one too. Gran you can comment now.

  1. Floyd says:

    So now I got it to embed, had to add some code to the template, different code than I added to the Aspire template. I will try to update the post see if I can walk you through it, but remember if you get this template fresh you have to go into your settings on your template comments and either choose the pop-up window or the full page or add the code that I am going to put in this post that is if you want to embed comments and personally I like the embedded form myself.

  1. Floyd says:

    And I got the embed comment form to work, I went to Google and searched embed comment form below post in blogger and got some hits but the template would not save I have to add an extra /b:if in there, the original code I found has two of those in it but mine has three.

  1. nice and good log friend

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks friend and thanks for dropping by,feel free to browse or comment anytime. I had kind of a hard time being able to embed comments with this template but we got the job done,hope it helps someone who may be having trouble with this.

  1. Floyd says:

    This code is not working because blogger has automatically inserted this " all of these will have to be removed in the code.

  1. Floyd says:

    As of right now got the code to show up right, this should get you going...whew,,