Ever thought of a Twitter Counter for your blog?

Posted: 5/24/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

Ever thought of putting a twitter counter on your website or blog? This site has some to choose from if you decide on one that is little just add your own user name where in the code it says user name=The next web, replace this with your own user name or if you decide to get the widget just add your user name in the number one space and then go down and choose the color of your widget. The smallest width is 160px wide the default is 200px. Go over and check out the page located at;

Twitter Counter Stats for the next web


  1. Gran says:

    I have Twitter updates on my blog. There are so many people on Twitter these days, Floyd. I find it kind of overwhelming.

  1. Floyd says:

    There sure are a lot on there now, it has really taken off and grew quite a lot since I first twitted.