Studio Press Blue Template,,a cool change

Posted: 4/11/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

Here is a nice looking template called studio press blue, there are so many nice ones coming out now it is hard for me to keep up with them. More than likely I will try as many out as I can though, you can edit the welcome post at right in the HTML section and you can put your blog name in the template also in the HTML section. There is a brand new template I can't wait to try out so I will have to bookmark it and get it latter, like I say there are so many coming out now it is hard to try them all and the thing about it is that they all look good, I would like to thank all involved in making these really nice templates for blogger and making them free because without the hard work of the these people blogger would still be kind of bland. I have been a help to a few who have e-mail me on how to set some of these up, so if you need a quick lesson I would be happy to help just drop me a line or two about it.
Studio Press Blue


  1. this theme is cool..!!!