Python eats a deer video

Posted: 3/24/2009 by Floyd in Labels:


  1. Gran says:

    I can't look (:

  1. Floyd says:

    yeah I got a follower,,this is the first time I have messed with the following widget it is neat though.

    I found this video on myspace, I mean a deer that is large I have a little phobia about any snake. I saw on Animal Planet this guy who had caught an Eastern Diamondback and had put the thing in an aquarium and it got out, anyway he threw a towel over it and when it crawled from under it he grabbed it below the neck well, it just turned and grabbed the finger.

    It was horrible seeing this man on T.V it attacked his muscle's and they were all jerky it looked bad but he pulled through, but never try and take something like that home just crazy. But getting back to the Python it could just as easy eat us if it took care of the deer.