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Posted: 4/04/2009 by Floyd in Labels: ,

This is one of my all time favorites right here it is called Aspire this is a design by Infocreek and can be downloaded here for blogger the XML version. The template looks like an old papyrus scroll if you like history or old paper this is the template for you, I believe I tried this one out a while back but anyway need to make it a favorite. Unable so far to get the comment box working on the post page using the pop-up commenter instead, but minor compared to the looks of this template. (Works now read on)

To embed the comment box below the posts you must add a bit of code to the template,,click on edit html and then expand widgets, search for this line of code

<b:include data='post' name='comments'>

Immediately after this paste in this line of code;

<b:include data='post' name='comment-form'/>

This is how I managed to get the embed code below posts to show up on this template, enjoy this great template.

Found something else out about blogger and this template, so I moved the post up a few dates to keep it on the front page, if you want the comment form centered on the post just add the tag above the the code you added, add this tag above it..

and below the code you added, add this tag..

Check it out by viewing mine, just click comments and you will see the comment box centered at bottom of post, after adding your center tags don't forget to save your template. I tested it using IE-8, Firefox and Google Chrome Beta, make sure you have the comment form placement checked,,Embedded below post in your comments.
Aspire by Infocreek


  1. Gran says:

    neat template, Floyd! I like the colors.

  1. Floyd says:

    Me to gran I love how this one looks.

  1. rio says:

    hey can you help me how to make comment box and calendar like your's in aspire template

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello rio my friend, if you are talking about the little pop-up comment box you do this:

    Log into your blogger account and go to settings and click on comments, go down to where it says comment form placement and choose pop-up window, then scroll to the bottom and click save settings.

    If you are referring to the date calender at the top left of the posts here, it came with the template, but, you would log into your blogger account again and go to settings and click on Formatting, once there scroll to date header format and choose the format for an example to read Mar 30,2009,,choose this type of format.

  1. Floyd says:

    I added a little to this,,before I was unable to add the embed comment box below the posts and now I have done this, by adding a small line of code above as you see it works I will check it in IE but I know it works great in Firefox because I am using it now.

  1. Floyd says:

    Yep works in IE-8 also, so the comment box works great with this template after you add the bit of code from this post.

  1. Tushar says:

    my blog

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for the link Tushar, looks like you have done quite a bit of research there.