8 dead in shooting rampage at N. Carolina nursing home | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/30/2009

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Just the other night I posted about nursing homes and about my Mother being in one and how hard it is on the family members involved and while reading some news I came across this article in the Philadelphia Inquirer;

CARTHAGE, N.C. - Ellery Chishole could only bury her face in her shirt as a man barged into her room at a North Carolina nursing home - hiding from what he might do, frantically telling her teenage granddaughter by phone that a man with a "deer gun" was "up here shooting."

Beverly McNeill said Chishole, her mother, was spared from the lone gunman's rampage without explanation. But authorities said Robert Stewart, 45, killed seven elderly residents and a nurse, and wounded three others. The slaughter finally ended when a young police officer wounded Stewart.

The officer "acted in nothing short of a heroic way today, and but for his actions, we certainly could have had a worse tragedy," said Moore County District Attorney Maureen Krueger.

By late yesterday, Krueger had charged Stewart, 45, of Moore County, with eight counts of first-degree murder and a single charge of felony assault of a law enforcement officer. Authorities offered few other details, saying only that Stewart was not a patient or employee and wasn't believed to be related to any of the victims.

So from what I am getting from this is that the guy was just someone who did not need on the streets in the first place, no motive apparently for the shooting. Probably some guy just trying to make a name for himself, it is sad and very sad that this goes on my prayers are with the family and hope they make it through this because there really is no answer for this or why it should have happened.

8 dead in shooting rampage at N. Carolina nursing home | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/30/2009

There is only one Lebron,Incredible Shot

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MedNet app monitors heartbeat, transfers data to cardiologists

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Heart monitors for cellphones have definitely been around, but a new option is about to surface for AT&T customers. The service, which will be offered up starting April 21st by MedNet Healthcare Technologies, will somehow let patients monitor their own heartbeats and automatically send that information to their cardiologists using Bluetooth-enabled phones.

This sounds like a splendid idea, a little something you can be able to do with the old trusty cell phone and for people with heart problems it is a godsend to them, grabbed this off of Engadget.

MedNet app monitors heartbeat, transfers data to cardiologists

Gillispie out as Kentucky coach in second year

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Nursing home the final stage and my experience

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Generally I don't blog to personal on here but thought this might help someone else, I have been at odds recently with myself and some decisions I have made concerning my ailing Mother who is unable to care for herself now. She has been unable to care for herself for about two years now but lately she has been unable to walk, being an independent woman all her life and most likely where I got a lot of my liberal views it has been very hard for her to except the fact that she just can't live alone any longer.

Getting skilled help is hard to do because they would have to be there for a lot of hours and anyone that has ever dealt with this any before knows of the expense of this but, having talked and looked at a lot of nursing facilities in the area I became quickly aware of the fact of under staffing and incompetent care givers associated with these places. I am not here to bash the nursing homes themselves because with a lot of us that becomes the final option, I quickly became educated on the lack of care and the medical system in general of this country and see up close just how broken the system is and i also discovered a lot of the mentally ill are put into these facilities also along with the elderly.

Having to deal with the fact that you have come to this final option of choosing a nursing facility weighs heavily upon you or, in my case it did me. You want your loved one home but you just can't meet the price to do it, you become financially strapped so to speak and being upset with yourself and other family members just don't help the situation at all, but if any have dealt with this you know where I'm coming from and having said this and having visited the nursing home daily I see a lot of what goes on there and the more I see the more I don't like it.

It brings us to a point of frustration of not being able to provide enough care at home and the nursing home itself providing inadequate care themselves, I have found that if you visit on a regular basis the care will improve with your family member, but me, I worry about the other family members and I see neglect as one of the biggest issues. If you don't check regularly they will neglect your loved one, Mom for instance could not eat and I discovered that they would come in and leave the food and of course come back later and pick it up. I brought this up to them and they seem to be taking care of it now, but this is only one thing I have brought up that goes on and if any out there have a loved one in one of these facilities check often on them and keep checking.

Another thing I discovered and it could be going on with a lot of facilities is this, they miss sometimes giving medication and especially if your loved on is on medication watch them carefully because they won't give it to them and even blood pressure medicine and diabetes medicine also. It is hard to believe but I would venture to say a lot of facilities are like this I have dealt with one and am dealing with them now and I have jotted down a few experiences i have had with it, my Aunt was in another one that was no better, they let her fall out of a wheelchair and cut about 10 stitches in her head so that is two out of the three in this area, those odds are not that good. I am getting to the point of utter frustration with it all but I also realize that I have not the financial means to do it otherwise it becomes stress on the whole family involved.

It is hard for me in a way to blame the aides who work at these facilities entirely, a good guess would be the one making all the money is the facility itself and they try to get help for minimum wage and it just don't work out that way, people in these facilities are very sick and need lots of care but they just don't get that . The best advice I can give is just check on the family member often, every day if possible, it becomes so frustrating when you can not provide adequate care at home and the nursing home is not providing what it says it will. Anyone who is forced to make this decision I feel for you because it is no easy, you just wish that some way the medical system will be fixed but I can't see that happening any time soon.

Inspired by Nature template

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This template is different, it is called inspired by nature and it looks really neat and different, a little to feminine for me but a nice looking template to say the least. Btemplates have been coming up with some nice ones here and this is on of them and would be one of my favorite templates of all because it is so unique for one thing so go over and give this one a shot. Kind of just reminds us that spring is just around the corner.
Template made by; http://be-insight.com/

Download here;

Another 3 Column Blogger Template "Hot Coffee" | Blogger Templates

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Well lets try a different theme, kind of simple yet very nice looking and practical, hot coffee is just that. Very nice job on this theme I like the color combo.

I have noticed something about blogger and these templates, here lately lets suppose that you download a template and decide to use it, if the author has widgets in it I can't go into the template layout and delete them I have to delete them in edit html.

So if you happen to download one you might have to delete the extra widgets that come with it in your "Edit HTML" section and not in the "Layout" section.

Another 3 Column Blogger Template "Hot Coffee" Blogger Templates

Python eats a deer video

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How I got rid of Grub and booted straight back to Vista

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Let me say right off that this worked for me that is all I know, I don't think it worked before but I could have done something wrong then. I was running Suse Linux at this time and decided to try and go back to the vista loader and get rid of grub anyone who has done this knows it is not an easy task to do.

First I booted from grub back to windows so when windows started I clicked on the start icon and right click computer and clicked manage. You will get the little do you want to continue and just click OK, once the window opens click on disk management. I have two drives, but Linux was installed on my first drive next to windows, first thing I did was click C drive which is windows I right clicked that and chose active, it gave me a window about some warning anyway I just clicked OK and now I have c drive active.

I then right clicked my Linux partitions I had 3 of them and deleted them then I deleted the partition,,lastly I right clicked the c drive again and choose extend partition after that I just had my normal c drive and recovery,,remember at the start I had made c drive active. Anyway I got my disks ready for the new install but I clicked restart and I got the vista boot loader and booted into windows just like grub never existed, this worked for me but have the disks ready for the install in case it does not work for you,,,good luck, first time I ever managed to get rid of grub and boot directly back to windows boot loader.

Spark Nano tracks real-time GPS

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The Spark Nano GPS Tracker is one of the smallest, most lightweight GPS Trackers available on the market today. This self-contained GPS Tracker requires no external connections or antennas, which means you can instantly track a vehicle or person completely covertly. Simply place the device in a glove compartment or similar discreet location and begin tracking. This extremely sensitive device features superior receiving ability for real-time location updates on any computer with Internet. It's enhanced GPS sensitivity using GPRS and GSM networks, allows it to work in places where traditional GPS Trackers fail. These features eliminate expensive and time consuming installation and makes it easy to install or remove.

This just came out and has a 9-volt battery you can recharge with a your computer via USB, it will last up to 5 days on a single charge and track what ever or whoever you want to via the phone or your old trusty computer. This is one cool neat device check it out at; sale price $299.99
Brickhouse Security

This thing even comes with a panic button, tracks within 15ft of exact location, very useful of course there is an activation fee and month plans but it is good for peace of mind,,especially if you have a teenager.

Bury nuclear waste at earth's inner core?

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Seems pretty far fetched to me, but, in reality we are running out of places to get rid of this kind of waste and everyone including me do not want it in our back yard so to speak.

Yucca Mountain: it’s nice to look at, but green it ain’t. The thought of endless nuclear waste barely contained inside a seismically-active mountain is enough to give anyone the chills. That’s why nuclear design engineer Dean Engelhardt started Permanent RadWaste Solutions, a company that proposes to send nuclear waste to the surface of Earth’s inner core.

Serious injury from a sex toy

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LEXINGTON PARK, Md. -- Some sexual experimentation landed a southern Maryland woman in a hospital with injuries tough to imagine and even more difficult to forget.

Maryland State Police airlifted the 27-year-old woman to Prince George's County Hospital Center early Sunday morning after she was injured in an incident involving a sex toy attached to a saber saw blade, TheBayNet.com first reported.

The man who called 911 about the incident admitted attaching the sex toy to the saw and then using the high-powered, homemade device on his partner, according to the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office.

Rule number one; Never attach a saw blade or some dangerous equipment like this to a sex toy, you can get hurt this way.

Coffee Desk | Blogger Templates

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This one I can live with a while it is called Coffee Desk also from btemplates, very original and very nice.

A lot of nice templates coming out right now and a lot of changed the look of the blogger original for the better.

Coffee Desk | Blogger Templates

Green Scrapbook Template

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This one is a little feminine for me but I love the color combo of this template simply one of the best, btemplates outdoes themselves again. This one is so easy on the eyes,,ladies go get this one it looks great and it preforms great.

One other thing about this template is that in some of the three columns aligned like this one they are crowded up too close, this one is just right, the mybloglog and blog catalog widgets are 160px each.

The most fresh template I have ever tested

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This template is just plain refreshing and clean, a very colorful and easy to implement template. Called Sugar Orange give this one a try.

If you are looking for something fresh and clean this is it, this is also a favorite of mine and I like the originality of it.


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This template will go in my great ones list, it is easy to customize also, except for the title header.

But the color is just right in this one, if you like dark templates you will love BlackMagik it is different and very nice indeed.

Some of the templates I have tried lately and I have tried out quite a few, and have run into some I would call a cut above the rest this is one of them, so go over and give this one a shot you won't be disappointed.

Download and preview BlackMagik.