Switched to 64bit version Debian Linux, I like it

Posted: 2/07/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

Finally upgraded to the 64bit version of Debian Linux and it is working rather well to say the least, had some major trouble with flash until I downloaded the unstable version from the website, works like a dream even Opera is seeing the flash now where as before, Opera only saw a blank white screen when looking at you tube videos.

Screenshot is of the bluesy theme to see a large version of this one just click on the photo and you can see the large version, you can see more screen shots over at the download site though.

The 32bit version only show me I believe 3.2 GB ram, the 64bit shows me 7.8 GB, which if you are like me let's you utilize all your memory available.

I downloaded the icons separately that goes with this theme it is the tango-noir 0-8.0 icon theme and they look great on this theme, the colors are subtle blue hues, very modern and elegant. I have tried quite a few themes from the site out but this is one of my all time favorites, click photo to enlarge my desktop.

Bluesy Theme Gnome Desktop

Icon set the theme is using