Sexy neat and subtle template, Hello Sailor

Posted: 2/17/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

This is a neat little template called hello sailor,very neat try it out.

Hello Sailor Template


  1. Gran says:

    Cute! I saw this one. I'm trying to change mine, having problems with the upload. It only works on Internet Explorer, not at all on Mozilla, and comes out clunky and awful looking. I'll keep trying :)

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello friend,,starting to change yours huh. Download the template extract everything probably on your desktop. Copy the XML file using notepad or word-pad,,then go to your template in the HTML section select all and delete,,paste the XML you save earlier into the section and preview you should see the new template in the preview.

    If you decide not to use it do not save simply click on html again or go to another page you will see a pop-up just ignore the pop-up and your template will go back to what it was.