Red Hat and Micorsoft Partner Up?

Posted: 2/24/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

In what came as a surprise to many Linux observers, Red Hat announced on the morning of February 16th that it has signed reciprocal agreements with Microsoft to enable increased interoperability for the companies' virtualization platforms.

While Red Hat, after Novell partnered with Microsoft, had talked with Microsoft in 2007 about partnering, those talks came to nothing since Red Hat would not have anything to do with Microsoft's various IP (intellectual property) claims.

Only time will tell how this all pans out, I don't think I would want to run Linux on Windows. You can bet MS has something up it's sleeve.


  1. Gran says:

    Ha! I use Linux at work. MS always have something up its sleeve.

  1. Floyd says:

    lol, you guess that right girl. I install and try different versions of Linux myself, my latest is Debian but i like just about any of them.