Run your Linux or a number of things with vmplayer

Posted: 1/27/2009 by Floyd in Labels: , ,

Ever thought of trying another program such as Linux but do not know that much about partioning your drive or are afraid you just could mess something up with your system? Well the answer is vmware here is the link to the player you need called VMware Player, you will need this to run your virtual system on windows.

After you have acquired this little item you now need an operating system to run on it or we can call it a virtual appliance this link will supply you with the appliances you need to go with your player, Virtual appliance marketplace, the appliance will download into a zip format just un-zip it to a folder and open vmplayer and find it.

The screen shot is rather small but you get the idea, do everything you want to do with no installation required no messing with or reformatting any of your drives or anything plus works the same as you have it installed anyway,,,enjoy.