The Republican form of bipartisanship

Posted: 1/29/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

This is the Republican form of bipartisanship in all it's glory folks, if we are to better America then we are on our own, the Republican's form of being bipartisan is simply voting against anything remotely related to moving this country in a more progressive manner.

I have not posted much political satire in recent weeks but this I could not let slip by without bringing out this in the full light that it deserves, we need to move the country forward not backward and the last years of our looking at what is happening in Washington should drive that home, number one the old way of doing business does not work, look at the job loss and foreclosures in this country, that alone speaks volume's to the masses.

So are we getting sick of hearing the word bipartisan? I for one am I thought in this state we were rid of some of the folks standing in the way of progress but some still made it through the storm, and we will see them the next election cycle doing the same speeches on how they are for the average working men and women of this country and when they head back to Washington they forget yet again of their priorities, but it is us good people we are the ones that need not forget and watch closely on how this shapes up for one what if this works out great what then? Well then my friends you can bet they will think up another lie to tell you to get another vote from you come election day. 244 - 188

Republicans vote in unison against the average American