Madriva Linux,,KDE or Gnome you can't go wrong with these choices

Posted: 1/22/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

Trying out Madriva Linux KDE 4 and Gnome style desktops,I like the Gnome myself but your tastes may vary,something that may prove useful is this,,Madriva seemed to install just perfectly I had no problems what ever with this install of either KDE or the Gnome style both installed beautiful and flawlessly for me, some computer knowledge required but pretty straight forward.

At this time I am running Madriva Linux Gnome on windows xp machine,one thing I might mention if you don't know much about partitioning your drive allow the portioned to do it for you and do not do the Manuel yourself,it should install fairly easy, I have installed it on vista and xp so it did fairly well for me Ubuntu 8.10 installed but I had to tweak that one a little with Mandriva I did not have to tweak it. At download page choose either the KDE or Gnome style.

When you burn the image to disk use a slow speed like 1x, and you should have no problems, assuming you have some computer knowledge, try it out works great and looks great, I may never go back to windows again.

Mandriva Linux Download Page

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