Installed Ubuntu on my xp pavilion ever just get tired of windows?

Posted: 1/16/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

Installed a copy of Ubuntu on my Hp pavilion a705w, if you have read around you will see posts on here where I have installed a second drive on this machine and upgraded the memory I don't think I did a post on the memory upgrade but I did on installing a second drive step by step I believe it is in the computer section, let me link to it and keep everything on an even keal.

Post one; Install Hard Drive

Post two; Install Hard Drive

I have only had this installed a couple of days so I am green as grass on this, just letting you know that. Anyway I choose to install Desktop version Ubuntu 8.10 which is the latest version at this time, you can order a CD but it will take about 8/10 weeks for you to recieve it or, if you have a fast connection you can download it yourself the package is about 700MB so it no light weight but my connection is quite fast so no big deal.

If you have problems there is much help on the Ubuntu forums for your reading and getting to know a little more about what this system has to offer. You can add Ubuntu to your existing partition and either boot from windows or boot into Ubuntu your preference or like me I just added it to my second drive and left windows on my first drive. I would not advise this for a novice computer user, it is pretty simple but problems arrise but no big deal you still have windows on there also.

If you choose to download and install it after the download you will need to burn the ISO image to a CD or DVD if your media drive is capable of that, if you don't have an ISO burner there are many free ones on line to choose from as a matter of fact I got one of them myself, worked great. Here is the one I used to burn my image to cd Free ISO Burner and there are a few more out there also.

Problems I encountered during install, problems with partition, so I just put it on my second drive. An error I got at boot was the one gave me fits because this error showed up and when it did come time to boot, I could not boot up? Every computer might be different on this I don't know but the error has to do with ACPI "unable to load system description tables" without quotes, the workaround for this and there always is one that we may or may not stumble upon is simply this;

At Grub select recovery mode and once in recovery mode select root drop to root shell prompt, type this; sudo apt-get remove compiz    then let it do it's thing after it finishes type in this;
sudo apt-get remove compiz-core  and let it do it's thing after you type in each of these commands press enter,,o.k after this exit and resume normal boot mode...

You will be able to boot it after this or, it worked for me, so far I am happy with this system and it has run smoothly except for the hiccup on the initial install, the firefox add-on live writer is not available on Linux but scribefire works great it is what I am posting from now. Well that is my information for now hope it helps someone out there and if you think about trying Linux by all means do.

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