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Posted: 1/31/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

This is a nice kinda dark, well black and white and I really enjoy this combination of colors, notice though you can scroll down my blog right now if the title happens to be long well the date appears above the divider and if the title is rather short you will notice the date will stay about mid way of the divider. There is probably some way of controlling this but it is no big deal really, at the top of my sidebar are links to Technorati and a link to my feed, if you change these in your html change the line where you see the http do not mess with the image code or it will disappear on you.

The orginal template also had ads just below the feed buttons which I deleted, so you have the option of putting your ads in there if you like. When I transfered my widgets to this template one widget appeared above the blog posts if this should happen don't worry just continue and save it and then edit the html again and click on expand them, note this is only after you have saved the template, anyway scroll down to where the annoying html appears and change the where it says true in that, change that to false and resave then you will simply be able to delete it in your layout.

What you are actually looking for is the locked=true and change to lock=false, then in layout bring it up and delete it. It might not happen on yours I don't know but if it does you know what to do,,so, go over and check out Ele at BTemplates here is the link;

Ele template for blogger