100GB Possibly 250GB storage free,,expires in 2038

Posted: 1/03/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

In an effort to get people top go green, which is easy for me, file dropper willl give you 100MB of storage space, I got 250MB that is up to the year 2038 folks. So I can put a lot of stuff on there that will be easy to get back when I change computers or this one crashes etc,etc.

For the next week, they will give away free lifetime memberships for 100GB of free file storage. This blog will be one of the catalysts, but others are certain to get involved. It’s simple. Make a pledge. That’s it! Make a pledge to be more green in some way this year and FileDropper will give you the lifetime storage.

There are five ways to do it. Select one of the green pledges below or write your own, then…

  1. Tweet it, or
  2. Post your pledge in your blog, or
  3. Post your pledge on YouTube, (the best videos will be added to this story), or
  4. Create a visual of your pledge and post it on Flickr, or
  5. Make your pledge however you want (as long as we can see, read, hear, or verify it in some way)

Once you’ve done that, post the link to it in the comments. Then, go to Pledge Green, Store Files for Free and claim your account. No strings. No catches. No charges. Just free. Make sure you help spread the word by linking your pledges to this post!