Blogger template Ele

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This is a nice kinda dark, well black and white and I really enjoy this combination of colors, notice though you can scroll down my blog right now if the title happens to be long well the date appears above the divider and if the title is rather short you will notice the date will stay about mid way of the divider. There is probably some way of controlling this but it is no big deal really, at the top of my sidebar are links to Technorati and a link to my feed, if you change these in your html change the line where you see the http do not mess with the image code or it will disappear on you.

The orginal template also had ads just below the feed buttons which I deleted, so you have the option of putting your ads in there if you like. When I transfered my widgets to this template one widget appeared above the blog posts if this should happen don't worry just continue and save it and then edit the html again and click on expand them, note this is only after you have saved the template, anyway scroll down to where the annoying html appears and change the where it says true in that, change that to false and resave then you will simply be able to delete it in your layout.

What you are actually looking for is the locked=true and change to lock=false, then in layout bring it up and delete it. It might not happen on yours I don't know but if it does you know what to do,,so, go over and check out Ele at BTemplates here is the link;

Ele template for blogger

Call someone for free at calling America

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Go over and sign up to start calling people from your PC, if you have a broadband connection place unlimited VoIP calls to any landline or mobile phone in the U.S or Canada.

You will have to sit through a short ad before placing your call to offset calling costs, but we can do that it's free right? At least for now. If you register you can make unlimited calls that span 15 minutes each.

Calling America Dot Com

History Channel template for blogger

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This is a neat template called History Channel, with this one you start out your sidebar completely empty.

A lot of templates have things added here so when you go to copy and paste your own widgets you more than likely will get an error, because there could be another widget that came with the template of the same number as yours, you will not get this with this template.

I would label this template easy to configure because of this fact, I copied all my widgets to it with one sweep, including the labels and archives, you won't be able to do this with most templates.

Look for this line of code in the template and copy all your widgets below it;

If you copy everything below the sidebar preferred yes, you will be good to go. I spent a little more time telling you about this one because it is one of the easiest templates I have worked with you will get no errors.

Download History Template

Screenshot of Vector Linux

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The Republican form of bipartisanship

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This is the Republican form of bipartisanship in all it's glory folks, if we are to better America then we are on our own, the Republican's form of being bipartisan is simply voting against anything remotely related to moving this country in a more progressive manner.

I have not posted much political satire in recent weeks but this I could not let slip by without bringing out this in the full light that it deserves, we need to move the country forward not backward and the last years of our looking at what is happening in Washington should drive that home, number one the old way of doing business does not work, look at the job loss and foreclosures in this country, that alone speaks volume's to the masses.

So are we getting sick of hearing the word bipartisan? I for one am I thought in this state we were rid of some of the folks standing in the way of progress but some still made it through the storm, and we will see them the next election cycle doing the same speeches on how they are for the average working men and women of this country and when they head back to Washington they forget yet again of their priorities, but it is us good people we are the ones that need not forget and watch closely on how this shapes up for one what if this works out great what then? Well then my friends you can bet they will think up another lie to tell you to get another vote from you come election day. 244 - 188

Republicans vote in unison against the average American

Run your Linux or a number of things with vmplayer

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Ever thought of trying another program such as Linux but do not know that much about partioning your drive or are afraid you just could mess something up with your system? Well the answer is vmware here is the link to the player you need called VMware Player, you will need this to run your virtual system on windows.

After you have acquired this little item you now need an operating system to run on it or we can call it a virtual appliance this link will supply you with the appliances you need to go with your player, Virtual appliance marketplace, the appliance will download into a zip format just un-zip it to a folder and open vmplayer and find it.

The screen shot is rather small but you get the idea, do everything you want to do with no installation required no messing with or reformatting any of your drives or anything plus works the same as you have it installed anyway,,,enjoy.

Gramophonica template for blogger by converted by Falcon Hive

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Desktop of Vector Linux

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Click here to get; Vector Linux Seems to do well with my xp, came with firefox 2.0 version just click on check for updates till you get the 3.0 version.

New Template from blogger called torn paper

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A rather nice and crisp template on the Grunge side added on January 23rd 2009, check this one out over at;

My Linux Desktop Madriva KDE 4

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Linux Kernel developer leaves Red Hat for Intel

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After 10 years at Red Hat British Linux kernel developer Alan Cox said in late December he would be taking a position within Intel's operating devision effective around mid January, Cox left Red Hat on good terms strongly supporting the work Red Hat is doing. But he went on to say that the move will let him get closer to the low level that interest's him most.

Intel has hired more employees with open source ties recently and is helping shape the open source Linux Moblin platform. The Linux foundation has named Ted Tso an IBM veteran and first North American developer of the Linux kernel as it's new CTO, who will replace Markus Rex of Novell.

Source; CPU magazine.

Green Light blogger template,,shines

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This is a great looking template here, found over at btemplates. Very easy one to implement and very easy to keep it, this one just looks great that is all there is to it.

Madriva Linux,,KDE or Gnome you can't go wrong with these choices

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Trying out Madriva Linux KDE 4 and Gnome style desktops,I like the Gnome myself but your tastes may vary,something that may prove useful is this,,Madriva seemed to install just perfectly I had no problems what ever with this install of either KDE or the Gnome style both installed beautiful and flawlessly for me, some computer knowledge required but pretty straight forward.

At this time I am running Madriva Linux Gnome on windows xp machine,one thing I might mention if you don't know much about partitioning your drive allow the portioned to do it for you and do not do the Manuel yourself,it should install fairly easy, I have installed it on vista and xp so it did fairly well for me Ubuntu 8.10 installed but I had to tweak that one a little with Mandriva I did not have to tweak it. At download page choose either the KDE or Gnome style.

When you burn the image to disk use a slow speed like 1x, and you should have no problems, assuming you have some computer knowledge, try it out works great and looks great, I may never go back to windows again.

Mandriva Linux Download Page

Free Image Burn Software


Installed Ubuntu on my xp pavilion ever just get tired of windows?

Posted: 1/16/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

Installed a copy of Ubuntu on my Hp pavilion a705w, if you have read around you will see posts on here where I have installed a second drive on this machine and upgraded the memory I don't think I did a post on the memory upgrade but I did on installing a second drive step by step I believe it is in the computer section, let me link to it and keep everything on an even keal.

Post one; Install Hard Drive

Post two; Install Hard Drive

I have only had this installed a couple of days so I am green as grass on this, just letting you know that. Anyway I choose to install Desktop version Ubuntu 8.10 which is the latest version at this time, you can order a CD but it will take about 8/10 weeks for you to recieve it or, if you have a fast connection you can download it yourself the package is about 700MB so it no light weight but my connection is quite fast so no big deal.

If you have problems there is much help on the Ubuntu forums for your reading and getting to know a little more about what this system has to offer. You can add Ubuntu to your existing partition and either boot from windows or boot into Ubuntu your preference or like me I just added it to my second drive and left windows on my first drive. I would not advise this for a novice computer user, it is pretty simple but problems arrise but no big deal you still have windows on there also.

If you choose to download and install it after the download you will need to burn the ISO image to a CD or DVD if your media drive is capable of that, if you don't have an ISO burner there are many free ones on line to choose from as a matter of fact I got one of them myself, worked great. Here is the one I used to burn my image to cd Free ISO Burner and there are a few more out there also.

Problems I encountered during install, problems with partition, so I just put it on my second drive. An error I got at boot was the one gave me fits because this error showed up and when it did come time to boot, I could not boot up? Every computer might be different on this I don't know but the error has to do with ACPI "unable to load system description tables" without quotes, the workaround for this and there always is one that we may or may not stumble upon is simply this;

At Grub select recovery mode and once in recovery mode select root drop to root shell prompt, type this; sudo apt-get remove compiz    then let it do it's thing after it finishes type in this;
sudo apt-get remove compiz-core  and let it do it's thing after you type in each of these commands press enter,,o.k after this exit and resume normal boot mode...

You will be able to boot it after this or, it worked for me, so far I am happy with this system and it has run smoothly except for the hiccup on the initial install, the firefox add-on live writer is not available on Linux but scribefire works great it is what I am posting from now. Well that is my information for now hope it helps someone out there and if you think about trying Linux by all means do.

Other reading; Life Hacker top 10 Ubuntu apps
                       Get Ubuntu

                       Top 100 Apps that make Linux usable for people

                       Windows vs. Ubuntu's Best Applications  (good read here)

Cellar Heat » Download,a great looking template

Posted: 1/14/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

This is one of the favorite templates of mine of the several I have tried so far, this is a one of a kind template that is easy to configure and a very good layout style, it is available in dark and light versions, it is one heck of a nice template I would say the light version looks good also, but if you are looking for something a little different try cellar heat.

I like also the top navigation in this template that it is blended so well with the rest of the theme, I chalk this up as definitely one of my all time favorites.

Cellar Heat » Download

Conyers Calls for Criminal Probe Into Bush Administration Abuses

Posted: 1/13/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers issued a 500-page report Tuesday documenting what he says are extraordinary claims of executive power during President George W. Bush’s eight years in office saying evidence his committee has gathered demands independent criminal investigations into issues such as torture, domestic surveillance, and the firing of nine U.S. Attorneys.

Conyers said the recommendations contained in his report to continue probing the Bush administration's policies are not intended as political payback, rather the goal is to “restore the traditional checks and balances of our constitutional system.”

What Obama said;Obama told Stephanopolous that he held “a belief that we need to look forward as opposed to looking backward.”

I agree that we need to move forward and not backward but also we must learn from the mistakes of the past, so we don't repeat them.

Conyers Calls for Criminal Probe Into Bush Administration Abuses

Disabled Man Sues Businesses for a Living and he makes decent money at it also

Posted: 1/12/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

There are many places out there which need to be accessible to the disabled but what this guy does is make a living out of suing businesses for not having their shops or stores made more disabled friendly and let me say I don't agree with how this guy is doing it but, if the businesses were obeying the law they would not be paying either.


Disabled Man Sues Businesses for a Living

Windows Vista professional dark blogger template | Blogger Templates | ThemeLib

Posted: 1/11/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

O.K blogger fixed for now and we are off to the races, here is a nice looking template based on the vista theme. With this though you have to upload the images to your image manager such as photobucket or image shack, but it is as you see a nice color combo a little on the dark side but it looks nice.

I downloaded the blue glass subscribe button and one thing it had that I deleted was it had a welcome screen just above the blog posts section which you can write your own welcome or put an ad or banner in there.

With some of the templates I have had to mess around with the dimensions of the plate itself but not this one, just plug it in and go, then link your images to where it says in the template and presto vista for blogger, one nice looking template.

Windows Vista professional dark blogger template | Blogger Templates | ThemeLib

YouTube - Pelosi: "Equal pay is an issue of fundamental fairness"

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In a vote of 247-171, the House passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which boosts a woman’s ability to bring pay discrimination lawsuits. The bill overrules a Supreme Court decision that workers must file a discrimination claim within 180 days of a pay violation, even though many people don’t learn about the wage disparities for years. In a 256-163 vote, lawmakers also approved the Paycheck Fairness Act, which closes “loopholes that have enabled employers to evade the 1963 law requiring equal pay for equal work.” Watch House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) floor speech in support of both bills:

Think progress



Within Reason,can not update template in blogger

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We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

  • Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
  • Provide the following error code and additional information.




Well there it is the error message when you try and change a template something wrong with blogger again, getting the error in Internet Explorer and Firefox, don't know yet if it is everyone or just my blog screwed up, but then again anymore it seems blogger has lots of problems. P.S this is not going to work I change my template a lot,lets go blogger.

Within Reason

PROVANTAGE: OCZ Technology OCZ2G8008GQ DDR2 PC2-6400 800MHz 8GB Quad Kit

Posted: 1/10/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

When I got this new vista for Christmas it came with 4GB of memory,which is not bad at all to run vista,it is an HP a6620f PC with a dual core Intel Pentium processor. Well why not why I am at it just get more memory it seems you can never have enough right?


So here is 8GB OCZ for $112.57, so today it arrived and I switched out the memory and put in this OCZ, what a difference this made this thing now is screaming fast. I have heard a lot of talk around the net about vista and frankly it scared me,but after I got it the machine has performed very well for me.


The indexing system and a lot of other features can be turned off in the services or through windows defender you can disable what you don't need,I am rather careful about disabling things myself,because some things hurt worse than help,if you go over and get this memory you won't have worry about disabling nothing really cause it going to scream along.


I have been running this machine for over a month now and am very pleased with the performance of it, never tried much out on it but it runs quiet and smooth and very quick start-up on windows also but it also has sp1 on it. Getting back to the indexing you can go to indexing options and allow it to index only what you want it to or you can disable the service entirely in services,anyway I put in the new memory and it came on and showed me the 8GB no problem so if anyone has this computer out there it comes with 4 slots of 1024,,can upgrade to this one with ease, I myself have been known to get the wrong memory but if you running this machine you can't go wrong OCZ is an excellent choice.

PROVANTAGE: OCZ Technology OCZ2G8008GQ DDR2 PC2-6400 800MHz 8GB Quad Kit

Three-Wheeled Chinese Vehicle Sold in the US | PSFK

Posted: 1/09/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

For running around town this little car would be the trick, it is a three wheeled vehicle that on cost wise will set you back between  $6,500 and $9500...

In many developing countries, three-wheeled vehicles are the norm for getting around congested cities and the countryside. Danwei and Shanghaiist point us to a modified three-wheeled car that has now made it to the US market. Made by Taixing Sandi Motorcycle and known as the Wildfire, the Chinese made car gets better than 60 miles per gallon.

Three-Wheeled Chinese Vehicle Sold in the US | PSFK


Get on board there is room for everyone,,lol.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Another major American industry is asking for assistance as the global financial crisis continues: Hustler publisher Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild CEO Joe Francis said Wednesday they will request that Congress allocate $5 billion for a bailout of the adult entertainment industry.

Larry Flynt

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive - Porn industry seeks federal bailout « - Blogs from

Blog This in Windows Live Writer :: Firefox Add-ons

Posted: 1/04/2009 by Floyd in Labels:

Well, finally an add-on from the fox for Live Writer, adds a little pen to click on by your search box , it is experimental but it works great. I mean it does for me but it is an experimental add-on I wan to stress that but when I clicked on it, it opened up Live Writer just like magic. I had installed the real Live Writer add-on from Microsoft that had not been updated yet but was able to get to work in XP because I altered the file, the rdf file.

Well I just got tired of messing with that in vista I tried everything from take ownership of the file to assigning new security measures to it but nothing worked so I stumble on to this new add-on from firefox and so far it works real good, just thought I would pass it along because there is a lot of us that like Live Writer but don't like Internet Explorer, so go over and give it a try hope it works for you as well as it does me.


 Blog This in Windows Live Writer :: Firefox Add-ons

Still a few days left till the 20th Bush isn't done just yet

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Good title I thought it appropriate after reading this little item over at think progress, it seems there are still a few days left to turn a few more screws on the American people or should I say the environment which is directly connected to the American people.

This happens to be a little plan by a former timber lobbyist who now heads the forest service, kind of ironic don't you think? In a nutshell this would make it easier to convert forests into housing subdivisions and you know that has to be something Bush is up into and on board with.

In yet another potential last minute rule change, “the Bush administration appears poised to push through a change in U.S. Forest Service agreements that would make it far easier for mountain forests to be converted to housing subdivisions.” Though President-elect Obama has opposed the move, Mark E. Rey, the former timber lobbyist who heads the Forest Service, has signaled that he intends to finalize the plan before Obama’s inauguration.

Bush administration the last days

100GB Possibly 250GB storage free,,expires in 2038

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In an effort to get people top go green, which is easy for me, file dropper willl give you 100MB of storage space, I got 250MB that is up to the year 2038 folks. So I can put a lot of stuff on there that will be easy to get back when I change computers or this one crashes etc,etc.

For the next week, they will give away free lifetime memberships for 100GB of free file storage. This blog will be one of the catalysts, but others are certain to get involved. It’s simple. Make a pledge. That’s it! Make a pledge to be more green in some way this year and FileDropper will give you the lifetime storage.

There are five ways to do it. Select one of the green pledges below or write your own, then…

  1. Tweet it, or
  2. Post your pledge in your blog, or
  3. Post your pledge on YouTube, (the best videos will be added to this story), or
  4. Create a visual of your pledge and post it on Flickr, or
  5. Make your pledge however you want (as long as we can see, read, hear, or verify it in some way)

Once you’ve done that, post the link to it in the comments. Then, go to Pledge Green, Store Files for Free and claim your account. No strings. No catches. No charges. Just free. Make sure you help spread the word by linking your pledges to this post!