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Posted: 12/21/2008 by Floyd in Labels: ,

Did you ever want to hide that search bar on IE-7? It will be on IE-8 also, maybe you wanted to dowwnload the Google toolbar like I did or Yahoo toolbar and you don't want that other one up on the right cluttering up things, sure looks better on mine without it, you can manually go into the registry and hide the thing or download this little registry add and let it do it for you. On this page right down below the UI Tweaks you will see a hide IE-7's search box, download it along with the link next to it says undo, in case you want to undo it and make it reappear,  in Vista open up the little hide IE7's search box and click run, the other infamous pop-up will come up and click continue that's it.

I have tried this myself and it worked, but try it at your risk you know how I am at trying things that should work all I'm saying is it worked for me without a hitch and now my vista IE-7 looks great with just my Google toolbar there and the other little one out of the way, I prefer the downloaded Google toolbar with it's feature's than the little multi-bar, here is my screen shot of it; see no little toolbar in the way;


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