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Posted: 12/26/2008 by Floyd in Labels: ,

This is a little zip that modifies the registry, ever try to get rid of a file in vista and not be able to you get this thing about no permission even if you are running as administrator? I had a problem with Adobe anyway ended up with two of them on this machine and try to delete it and this was not showing up in the uninstall programs either I was able to uninstall one of them but the other lagged and insisted on staying, so I began the task of trying to delete it, no dice, so I booted up in safe mode and try to get rid of it, still no dice.

Finally I goggled for an answer and came up with many including the safe mode which I had already tried to no avail and much frustration when I was ready almost of trying different things of getting rid of this I ran into this site and ran this reg file that  that allows a take ownership of the file just using a right click on it, now always be careful when doing this reg change all I am saying is I did it and no ill affects as of yet, anyway I right clicked the insist on staying Adobe and took ownership and puff I got rid of it.

Just extract the zip file to a folder and double click it and follow the prompts it also has a undo reg with it to however I don't think I will ever undo it, take ownership of the files on your computer and if the file is dug into your machine refusing to leave tear it loose with this feature. I left the file in the waste basket and will not get rid of it entirely for a while to see if any affects comes of it, Happy New Year everyone and cheers.


Add "Take Ownership" to Explorer Right-Click Menu in Vista :: the How-To Geek


  1. Gran says:

    Thanks for this information, Floyd. It's here in case I need it!

  1. Floyd says:

    So far so good on mine, it is something to have to get permission on one's own computer to delete something, glad there is a workaround for it. Thanks for dropping over and visiting friend.