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Posted: 11/03/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

I am so glad that Barack took the time and go see her before her passing, a lot of trash talking from some of the blogs when this happened. Some suggesting that it concerned his birth certificate or whatever, but I am glad that he got to say goodbye before her passing;

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Senator Barack Obama’s grandmother, a central figure in his life who helped raise him during his teen-age years, died in Hawaii on Monday morning.

Mr. Obama, who left the presidential campaign trail late last month to travel to Honolulu to bid her farewell, announced the death in a statement released by his spokesman upon landing here this afternoon. Her death comes one day shy of Election Day.

Only one day shy of the election, McCain stepped up his lying innuendos about obama's tax plan to help out the working middle class and it looks as though he will be casting doubt on it until tomorrow to say the least. I bet big oil is really hoping McCain wins this one for them, for once I would like to see the working class catch a break in this country, what is ironic is that at most rally's McCain or Palin has it is those working class cheering. It boggle's the mind to see working class people out there cheering because they don't want a tax cut, oh well,,only in America.

Obama’s Grandmother Dies - The Caucus Blog - NYTimes.com