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Posted: 11/11/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

WASHINGTON — The struggling auto industry was thrust into the middle of a political standoff between the White House and Democrats on Monday as President-elect Barack Obama urged President Bush in a meeting at the White House to support immediate emergency aid.

Obama is pushing to help the auto industry, seems bad right? The fact is it is not just the auto industry per say it has others involved, there are brakes that are made for the auto industry and there are parts made for the auto industry and there are plating companies for the auto industry and now how many jobs are we talking? There are hundreds of thousands of jobs that are spin-offs of the auto industry I worked in this field for quite a few years myself. So when Obama is pushing to help the auto industry it is quite founded indeed because if the auto industry goes there are many other jobs that follow it and it would devastate the economy, Obama knows exactly what he is doing by pushing this idea and for just once I hope Bush listens. So when you hear about the auto industry think about all those other jobs PLUS General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, there are a lot of American jobs riding on this one.

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  1. There are simply too many millionaire financial CEOs who would lose their bonuses this year if we started diverting money to actual industry in this country. We can't have THAT, now.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello friend nice to see you again,there is so much tied to this one industry I shudder to think of the thought.

    Now off on a rant, I read somewhere today an article on this very thing I think it might have been in the post. Anyway here is the old know it all probably never been in a plant in his life saying how bad the Union is giving all that hourly pay to those bad ole average Americans.

    What a crock I thought as I read the meanderings of an obvious imbecile? What about the CEO of Ford, GM and others like how much loot are these numbskull's collecting?

    I am kind of glad most of these cowards have comments disabled on their blogs and today we had Paulson switching horses in the middle of the river,God I hope Obama would take over already before what's left of the American industry sinks like a rock,it will take Obama about 8 years to correct this cluster f*** we are in right now.

    You hit on a good one there jolly it seems the meanderings of fools try to deceive the public into thinking wow this could be labor's fault, the fault stems actually from this idiotic trickle down economics orchestrated by Bush and the Republicans for the last 8 years.