November 11, 2008 Veteran's Day

Posted: 11/11/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

Honor all who have served and are serving,without them where would we be?


  1. I'm extremely proud of my brother Dave, who works as a therapist for the VA. He does his best to help with cases of PTSD, but he says the worst are those suffering closed head injuries. These are soldiers who may have brain injuries caused by the shock waves of improvised bombs. There is little he can do, but he does his best.

  1. Gran says:

    I'm thinking today of my father, who fixed planes during World War II, and my Uncle Vinny, who died from friendly fire in Africa.

    I'm also thinking of a family story, a shirttail relation, who came home from World War I and announced that if there was another war, he would run away.

    He died of cancer before the start of WWII.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for sharing this story Jim it is nice to know people care and are helping the soldiers of this country,I am proud of him also my friend for all he does.

    Thanks for sharing Beth, I think of my father also in World War II on this day,there are so many probably every family in America has had a veteran in it or someone that has helped our veterans.

    Stories that make you proud to be an American,they are stories in all of us and I think that is what ties most of Americans together in a common purpose,,freedom.