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Posted: 11/21/2008 by Floyd in Labels: ,

O.K call me paranoid but this is what I have running, have not been posting in a while because malware got a hold of me again and guess where? Yep it was through the IE browser again, from now on will use firefox only. In three years this has happened to me twice both using IE, I think the malware got a hold maybe in the yahoo chat rooms not for sure anyway it did and Avira the free version found it, and I isolated it and denied it access.

I downloaded another program which is free called Spybot search and destroyed and guess what it found it on the first run of it, it found the culprit that was taking control of IE and forcing it to download anti virus 2009. Don't ask what this is but if it is constantly taking control of IE even when searching with google and trying to download it, it just can't be good.

The free firewall called comodo I have been using a few months now and it works great, I stopped the download by clicking on comodo and ask to stop all inbound activity and it worked great. NoScript add-on for firefox which I have now works perfect (only all script you want to run).

Below are links to these freebies if any you guys have need of them also, right now I am impressed. It looks as though comodo now has a combination of their firewall and antivirus make sure you read down and get the free version, I only have the firewall but it works good the combo probably will to. Just used spybot a few days dont know how good it is but it found my malware culprit on first scan.

Spybot Search and destroy

Avira antivir personal free antivirus (one of the best freebies out there)

Comodo free firewall antivirus

NoScript :: Firefox Add-ons


  1. Gran says:

    Thanks so much for posting this, my friend. I downloaded SpyBot and there were 154 errors to correct. These errors were NOT caught by Windows One care. I'm a firefox gal all the way. And how do you like the Google email themes? I love them. Have a good weekend, Floyd.

  1. Floyd says:

    I am glad it did, it took care of my problem with the malware or spyware whatever, glad it help you to and it is free.

    If you get a chance download the firefox add on no script it works wonders also at blocking anything that you do not want to run.

    Hope you have a great weekend friend and thanks for dropping by.

  1. I've been happy using the free AVG programs. They are unobtrusive, but I haven't had any problems for years...

  1. Floyd says:

    Me too Jim I love the free stuff especially when it works just as well as the others, I just wish the computers would quit bundling this together.

    Last night I ordered a new computer and the stuff was on there,just something else I have to delete when I get it. It will take me days before I can line it out to give it any kind of trial,get rid of stuff I don't need like those try this for 30 days deal they stick on there and the Norton memory hog windows has to put on almost everything.

    Ended up getting me a HP Pavilion A6620f 64 bit, I have done so well with HP I bought another one and went up to the 64 bit instead of the 32 bit, I will see how it goes and post on my site just how it performs.