Jeremiah Wright ads running in KY

Posted: 11/02/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

I was not going to mention this but I am sure that these kinds of ads are running in other states, the reason I am mentioning it is that I have heard for the past two days the praising of McCain by not running these ads and am here to say this is just not true and don't think for a minute that Obama is the only one with a skeleton preacher in the closet, Ms. Palin has one of her own in her closet also. McCain has run a negative campaign right up to the end on this one and pulled out every thing but the kitchen sink to throw in the American public face, but it is not McCain or Obama when you get right down to it, this is about the American people and if they are willing to go in another direction and if the middle class is fed up with paying for everything while the oil companies and CEO's take record profit's to the bank. So where does that leave me in this opinion blog? Well I would like to say to CNN, MSNBC and others please cease and desist your lying about McCain not running Jeremiah Wright ads because I know it is not true.

Update Sunday Nov 2, 2008

Robo calls running constantly in Eastern Kentucky, makes me wonder what they know that I don't know but I suspect it, this Senate race is close in Kentucky and I believe we will see this on election day. McConnell has a real chance to lose this seat in this election cycle, a lot more have become involved and looking at his record and on some key votes that he has made not to mention he stood with his party close to 94% of the time, wow that record beats McCain's.