I Suffer From Campaign Withdrawal,,a little

Posted: 11/09/2008 by Floyd in Labels: ,

After reading Joel's story I find myself asking myself do I suffer from campaign withdrawal?  Thinking ahead every night and wondering whether to watch CNN or MSNBC, notice I didn't mention FOX because I think they are one big biased propaganda machine.

I find that I do suffer a little from withdrawal myself being a political junkie but at least the news agencies have something else to talk about or, do they? It seems even after returning to Alaska Ms.Palin has not made it out of the news, seems she still getting some headlines and I haven't figured out yet if they want her to carry the cross for the GOP or they just want to whip her?

Having said this I am kind of glad the campaign is over and kind of not glad at all, I am glad America was able to move in a new direction and look forward seeing the change in the guard. this is how Joel summed it up on his blog;

Goodbye mavericks, William Ayers, socialist redistributionists, magic maps, and Joe the Plumber.

Hello again, my same old life, this time in a brand new world.

Joel Schwartzberg: I Suffer From Campaign Withdrawal


  1. Jen C. says:

    Actually, same here, so I'm with you on this. All I hear now in the media is about how they're wondering what's going to happen to Sarah Palin and her clothes.

    I kind of miss the annoying, funny, and hated political commercials that bash the candidates lol

    -Nurse Jen Doll

  1. Floyd says:

    lol, thanks for dropping by Jen and commenting. I kind of miss it to them bashing one another, I sure hope they can pull this country together, if Obama appoints some to his administration it might heal some old wounds or it should that is more than the previous administration did.