Crisis gives Obama chance to leave mark - Salt Lake Tribune

Posted: 11/09/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

I know I have not posted in a while, but I ran into this article over in the Tribune that was kind of right on the money of what I was thinking. Barack has a real opportunity here to make a real mark on history, one being elected president and the other by helping out this economy and coming out like a hero, this is truly possible and I would love to see it;


Bill Clinton, said one-time adviser and later foe Dick Morris, never got a chance to prove he was a great president because he never faced a big crisis. No one will be able to say that about Barack Obama. Like Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, the new president will get a rare opportunity to leave a sweeping and long-lasting imprint on the U.S. economy. FDR's response to the Great Depression created such enduring institutions as Social Security and federal deposit insurance. Reaganomics, born of the 1981-82 recession, ushered in a quarter-century of lower tax rates and deregulation. ''Great leaders see in a crisis an opportunity, and not just an opportunity to perform crisis management,'' said presidential historian Richard Norton Smith.

Crisis gives Obama chance to leave mark - Salt Lake Tribune


  1. Gran says:

    Good article, Floyd! I love the new theme, and commenting is a breeze! Thanks so much!

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks Beth, the commenting is now in a little pop-up window make it a little faster, I am having trouble with embedding comments below posts in blogger.

    He has that chance, the chance to be not only the first African American president but a chance also to leave a mark on this world and I am sure he will stive for that goal.