- Deutsche Post AG To Cut 9,500 U.S. Jobs At DHL Express Service Centers

Posted: 11/10/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

It looks like not only is circuit city feeling the pinch it looks as though DHL will be slashing about 9,500 jobs, Barack is coming into this thing and hitting the ground running and the economy will be priority one for him and what if he nails it? Well if he nails it, really it should not matter who runs in 2012 as the media is now looking forward to to that next political season and really now that this is over the media do not know what to do with themselves. So by looking at circuit city filing bankruptcy and DHL in big trouble are to name but a few casualties of this deepening recession, America is waiting with bated breath is he really going to pull this one off? I do have confidence that he will and like I say he has the chance to make a real difference. - Deutsche Post AG To Cut 9,500 U.S. Jobs At DHL Express Service Centers


  1. Gran says:

    It just keeps getting worse all the time.

  1. I believe that McCain backed the DHL takeover in Ohio, costing 8,000 Ohio folks their jobs at Federal Express about two years ago. Now we get DHL cutting and running.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello Beth and Jim,,thanks for reading and commenting on the blog.

    It is getting rough out there kind of afraid to watch the news anymore,Obama does not take office until January and I don't think Bush is going to do anything,it will get worse and more scary.

    That is some news there Jim,these lost jobs are killing us slowly. This form of government does not work we have had eight years of irresponsibility it is getting scary out there,I tell you what gets me every time the Dem's do get in there we spend four years cleaning up the mess from the previous government.

    This one will take a while to fix,it sure is not going to be easy. We have to brace for this and hope and pray the Dem's stay in at least eight years to clean this mess up.

    What we are looking at is what happens when you try to grow the economy from the top down,it will take a while to cure this one.