Bush aides rush to enact rule Obama opposed,as well he should have

Posted: 11/30/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

Well,when you read this article you might not be to happy with it either and it looks like they saved the best for last in this article and that is a rule that will allow coal companies to dump dirt and rock into streams. And that is not the whole of it friends,how about higher co-pays for office visits?

One rule would allow coal companies to dump rock and dirt from mountaintop mining operations into nearby streams and valleys. Another, issued last week by the Health and Human Services Department, gives states sweeping authority to charge higher co-payments for doctor’s visits, hospital care and prescription drugs provided to low-income people under Medicaid. The department is working on another rule to protect health care workers who refuse to perform abortions or other procedures on religious or moral grounds.

Another good one in the article concerns toxic waste and would make it harder for government to regulate it,these are things that some of us have worked around in the past. What they are trying to do here is just add more red tape to everything read this other excerpt;

The rule, which has strong support from business groups, says that in assessing the risk from a particular substance, federal agencies should gather and analyze “industry-by-industry evidence” of employees’ exposure to it during their working lives. The proposal would, in many cases, add a step to the lengthy process of developing standards to protect workers’ health.

Public health officials and labor unions said the rule would delay needed protections for workers, resulting in additional deaths and illnesses.

Which anything does not surprise me at this point,I look at it as just a last slap in the face of working and poor people before they exit back under the rock they crawled from.

Read it all at; The New York Times


  1. Gran says:

    So true, Floyd, a last slap in the face of the working poor.

  1. Floyd says:

    You are right, one only needs to read a very little to see just where everyone is. Glad to see you friend,trying out this template here it is one of my favorites.