September 11, 2008 it's been seven years

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It has been seven years since that fateful day in 2001 and I hope everyone remembers the victims and the families who were involved, I pray as everyone should for the families touched by this event,,,so many of us pulled together to lend a hand and many when we heard the news just could not believe this was happening, I was one of those people.

I couldn't believe this could take place, no, not here in America, when I first heard it I was driving and the music was interrupted and I remember just pulling off the road and I noticed some ahead of me had done the same and I kept telling myself this has got to be some cruel joke, this can't be happening, not in America. Pray for all this day because we are all Americans, we, are ALL Americans.

One of my favorite singers and one great song about 911,,Alan says it best;


  1. ARA says:

    A tragedy that can't be forgotten. Life goes on Stay Fit Forever

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello ARA, thanks for dropping by, I always think of the families left behind on this date and pray that they feel better and they know that America will never forget their loved ones who lost their lives on this date.

    Again thanks for dropping by and commenting on my post, have a great day and don't be a stranger.