Obama Gains Ground In Georgia; McCain Leads By 8 Points - News Story - WSB Atlanta

Posted: 9/21/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

ATLANTA -- A new InsiderAdvantage/Poll Position survey shows that Sen. Barack Obama has whittled away at the lead held by Sen. John McCain in Georgia.

Fifty-one percent of likely voters in Georgia said they prefer McCain to 43 percent for Obama.

The 18 points lead that McCain held a week ago has dropped to 10 percentage points.

Two percent prefer other candidates and four percent are undecided.

Voters are split along racial lines with 72 percent of whites supporting McCain and 87 percent of African-Americans saying they plan to vote for Obama.

The support is also divided among men and women. Sixty-five percent of men are McCain supporters while 54 percent of women back Obama.

The poll of 503 registered likely voters, weighted for age, race, and gender, was conducted Wednesday evening. It has a margin of error of +/- 4 percent. The collected data are weighted by age, race, gender and political party affiliation.

Obama Gains Ground In Georgia; McCain Leads By 8 Points - News Story - WSB Atlanta


  1. Gran says:

    This is going to be a very close race, Floyd!

  1. Gran says:

    Hey--it worked!

  1. Floyd says:

    I hate to say it but I believe a lot of folks are not voting for him simply because he is black, I know this is something America does not want to hear but look at the polls and look at why they are not voting for him.

    America is basically going down the drain, in reality this should not even be a contest, when you look at their plans on health care the environment and taxes, there is no contest in this race, I am surprised he made up 10 points already in Georgia, I think America has had enough to change and go forward.

    Listen at the speeches a McCain presidency will still have America in isolation the world hates our guts basically, if we look at the broad picture here we need to open dialogue with some of these countries and improve our standing in the world once again, remember the poll of countries last year we came in second under Iran of the biggest threats to the world, I think America can do better than this.

    Just look at the environment, it is already being trashed McCain/Palin will trash it even more, I would hope America could look at both these candidates and vote who could best lead us on a different road, because the one we are on leads to no where and more isolation of us and the rest of the globe.

    I am glad you got to comment and I got this thing finally straightened out, the other template looked good also but had a slight flaw concerning the commenting on it, this template DF Marine works flawlessly and it looks good to, thanks for dropping over.

  1. I asked this type question myself Floyd. With all the mistakes and the things that McCain has done would seem to make anyone move toward Obama.

    I think a lot has to do with MSM and some with race and then there is the Republican party, doing their normal scare tactics and lies from FOX and talk radio.

  1. Floyd says:

    You got that right my friend, good to here from you and hope you are doing well. I have been so busy lately I must visit my friends more often.

    That's your neck of the woods Let's Talk, you are down in Georgia aren't you? It makes me feel a little better that he is doing quite well there I mean he made up about 10 points, this is good if it holds.

    Yep it is like I said before the country is basically in a shambles financially and the world hates us, but I believe that can be improved. they are not saying it but Obama gained a little here also, don't have the raw numbers right now but it is encouraging news.

    This privatizing social secourity that McCain is for just don't work, I know he got off on some tanget the other day now flip-flopping on the issue. Not to mention on his support and stand on dregulation which he supported and now supports;
    Dregulation video

    Thanks for dropping by Let's Talk, nice to hear from you again.

  1. Hi Floyd, you know that Georgia early voting started today. I live in Rockdale County, a little small city close to Atlanta and I guess you know that a lot of McCain bumper stickers and yard signs can be seen here.

    I was shocked to hear that Obama gained ten points here. I guess we will actually see this November.

  1. Floyd says:

    The debates have not happened yet, a lot might be waiting on the debates, should prove interesting to say the least, they both I think decided to take it easy on Palin I think both camps agreed on some different form of questioning, but that kind of defeats the purpose I mean she could in reality become president and being president is probably a demanding job, I guess they did not want Bidin to make her look to bad but, either her or Bidin could be president so I think it should have been just the same as it usually is, but both sides agreed so who am I to judge.

    It was shocking to gain that much ground in the southern state of Georgia, but I think a lot of folks have looked through each ones agenda and are making up their minds. That is what folks need to do get educated on just what each of these guys are going to do and then make their decision.

  1. Shanie says:

    floyd your aboslutly right! it is a shame to see such a huge part of america not voting for Obama because of his color. I myself am planning on voting for him in november, so far. check out my blog blondegirlpolitics.blogspot.com
    just a younger view on things for todays generation. an 18 year old reaching out! :)

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks Shanie for dropping by and commenting, always love hearing from folks out there reading.

    You touched on something there, we should vote for the person most likely to be able to lead and solve some of the mess we are in right, regardless of race or beliefs, if they are able and I feel they are able to lead this country that should be our only concern.