Government bails out AIG with $85 billion loan - Yahoo! News

Posted: 9/17/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

Tax payers or us for short now own about 80% of AIG, that is what it boils down to folks, whew that was a close one, according to experts don't look for this to end soon the crunch is on.

Lehman did not fair this well the bailout did not come for them.

NEW YORK — Merrill Lynch's shotgun sale to Bank of America will create the nation's largest financial-services company — one that some believe is too big to fail. Still, no one is breathing easy.

Folks this is starting to get scary, we are covered in debt, we are shipping our good jobs overseas and no one knows for real what is going to happen next? According to some annalists the bubble is starting to burst and a lot of banks just is not going to make it, lets hope they are wrong.

The economy should be now at the top of our list or it is mine and how we got here and how do we proceed from here, and this being on our minds and it is all I and my family have talked about since this started taking place and as I said before this is a scary time, we are bogged down from the borrowing from China and as a double whammy sending jobs over there.

Government bails out AIG with $85 billion loan - Yahoo! News