Google opens up new front in browser wars with Chrome

Posted: 9/01/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

Google has revealed plans today to release an innovative new open source web browser called Chrome that includes some extraordinary and unprecedented features. Google says that its new browser will move the web forward and provide a stronger platform for emerging web standards.

The browser is built on top of Apple's WebKit HTML rendering engine, a lightweight renderer that is known for its clean code base, good performance, and excellent standards-compliance. WebKit's versatility and the ease with which it can be embedded in applications has led to its adoption in numerous contexts, including Google's Android web browser. Alongside WebKit, Google will be using its own JavaScript virtual machine called V8, which was designed for high performance and has some compelling features.

Got this from ars technica, it seems Google is going to get into the market with this one, I can't wait till this thing comes out and give it a try.

Google opens up new front in browser wars with Chrome