CNN switched gears and in doing so, shows me nothing

Posted: 9/05/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

Just a while ago I was watching Obama I believe he was in Pennsylvania I am not sure but I believe it was and upon switching gears as CNN called it they switched to McCain's campaign in Wisconsin and for twenty minutes now I have listened to Sarah Palin praise McCain without talking about one single issue. Finally McCain gets to the podium and 12 minutes later I still have heard nothing.

Listening to this I don't see how this is helping us accomplish anything, we must talk about issues and be able to address the American people in what exactly and how you intend to accomplish this. O.K now 35 more minutes later of praising and and kissing each other, finally, McCain says; my opponent will raise your taxes and I will lower them, since Obama is laying out exactly what he is going to do which is cutting the taxes of 95% of Americans and huge savings on the middle class, I kept wondering why are a few people not that many a few, standing there cheering for? are they low or middle class and are cheering because they will get much less under the McCain plan,,,I just dont't get it?

Good job CNN, but the next time you switch gears I think I'll switch gears and maybe start watching one of the networks carrying days of our lives, or general hospital, because if I want to see a soap opera a fantasy world I believe I would get more out of that than you switching gears from reality into never never land.


  1. Gran says:

    Very good post, Floyd :)

  1. Floyd says:

    I can't believe he got a bounce out of that convention? Nothing was said, switching gears is right from reality to fantasy.

    Maybe I'm missing something? I don't know, I am actually watching both candidates talking and have looked at both tax plans,,I am missing something, maybe I better switch gears,LOL. Good to see you B.