CEO's who got out while the getting was good

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Still no deal in Washington as of yet, the house republicans does not look like they are listening to a word John McCain has said. The democrats are not going to bear all this burden themselves since it was the recklessness of the republicans who brought us here, from what I've heard so far it looks as though the republicans seem to be in disarray at this point.

I have heard just about everything and I could not say one way or the other what would happen if this 700 billion bailout does not come, and frankly I would be scared to find out. But I also understand that the scare tactic was used before and you know what happened there, there was no mushroom cloud coming from Iraq and there were no weapons of mass destruction.

O'Neal is entitled to $30 million in retirement benefits as well as about $130 million in stock and option holdings, according to an analysis by James Reda & Associates. That would be on top of the roughly $160 million he took home in his nearly five years on the job.

"I have been very fortunate to spend the past 21 years at Merrill Lynch," O'Neal said. "The company has provided me with opportunities that I never could have imagined growing up, culminating with my leadership of the company over the past five years."

How's that for a title, amid all the turmoil taking place on capital hill and the white house let us not lose site of the CEO's who got out with millions when they left, this is just one of them, O'Neal got out with a package today worth about $66 million.

Herald Tribune 2007 article


  1. Gran says:

    Well, Floyd, Washington Mutual Bank got taken over last night, still a shock here in Washington although they've been in trouble for awhile. Not my bank, thank goodness, at least JP Morgan are taking them over and depositers won't feel a thing.

    This is bad stuff, Floyd.

  1. Floyd says:

    This is bad stuff, I second that statement, look at the CEO's who got out before this mess, we are talking millions and now we wonder why they are all in trouble.

    I just hope that something gets worked out from all this, something will have to be worked out on this. Debates are tonight, it will be interesting.

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  1. Floyd says:

    thanks for dropping by Azrolboyz and commenting.