Iglesias Hopes Special Counsel Will Find Criminal Violations in Attorney Firings

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Remember those attorney firings? It seems there could be criminal violations involved here, I say could be the report is out on what actually took place;

A special prosecutor appointed Monday to further probe the firings of nine U.S. Attorneys will hopefully find enough evidence to pursue criminal charges against former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and aides who had served with him at the agency, said David Iglesias, the former New Mexico U.S. Attorney whose dismissal in December 2006 was singled out as the most egregious case of partisan politics in a scathing390-page report by the Justice Department’s internal watchdog.

The long-awaited report, the culmination of an 18-month joint investigation by the Inspector General Glenn Fine and OPR head H. Marshall Jarrett into the firings of nine U.S. Attorneys two years ago concluded that Gonzales, his former chief of staff Kyle Sampson, and former Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty, failed “to provide accurate and truthful statements about the [U.S. Attorney] removals and their role in the process.” All three resigned in disgrace last year.
In April 2007, Gonzales had testified that he could not recall certain details related to the firings.

The report alleged that several Republican lawmakers, including Missouri Sen.Christopher "Kit" Bond played a part in the firings of U.S. attorneys in their home states.

"Our investigation found significant evidence that political partisan considerations were an important factor in the removal of several of the U.S. Attorneys," the report said.The report concluded that Iglesias's firing was the most "troubling" and that his dismissal was "engineered" by New Mexico lawmakers Sen. Pete Domenici and Congresswoman Heather Wilson and former White House political adviser Karl Rove.

Iglesias Hopes Special Counsel Will Find Criminal Violations in Attorney Firings

Within Reason Aug 2007 

Beginning in October Army stations active unit inside the U.S

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Obama Moves Up, McCain Down in Poll

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I watched the debates and Obama showed strong just as I knew he would, done a great job going toe to toe with McCain on national security and a variety of topics, Obama clearly looked presidental;

(Sept. 28) - Barack Obama leads John McCain, 50% to 42% among registered voters in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday -- just one point shy of his strongest showing of the year.

Both candidates hit the campaign trail again as house republicans and democrats on the hill iron out the big bailout package, it has been seen as a bailout for wall street fat cats but could go a lot farther than that banks have to be able to do business.

The $700 billion rescue package seems to be working and the house republicans got some of what they wanted and the democrats some of what they wanted, I guess the devil is in the details.

Obama Moves Up, McCain Down in Poll

CEO's who got out while the getting was good

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Still no deal in Washington as of yet, the house republicans does not look like they are listening to a word John McCain has said. The democrats are not going to bear all this burden themselves since it was the recklessness of the republicans who brought us here, from what I've heard so far it looks as though the republicans seem to be in disarray at this point.

I have heard just about everything and I could not say one way or the other what would happen if this 700 billion bailout does not come, and frankly I would be scared to find out. But I also understand that the scare tactic was used before and you know what happened there, there was no mushroom cloud coming from Iraq and there were no weapons of mass destruction.

O'Neal is entitled to $30 million in retirement benefits as well as about $130 million in stock and option holdings, according to an analysis by James Reda & Associates. That would be on top of the roughly $160 million he took home in his nearly five years on the job.

"I have been very fortunate to spend the past 21 years at Merrill Lynch," O'Neal said. "The company has provided me with opportunities that I never could have imagined growing up, culminating with my leadership of the company over the past five years."

How's that for a title, amid all the turmoil taking place on capital hill and the white house let us not lose site of the CEO's who got out with millions when they left, this is just one of them, O'Neal got out with a package today worth about $66 million.

Herald Tribune 2007 article

Obama opens up lead on the latest poll

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Turmoil in the financial industry and growing pessimism about the economy have altered the shape of the presidential race, giving Democratic nominee Barack Obama the first clear lead of the general-election campaign over Republican John McCain, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News national poll.

Just 9 percent of those surveyed rated the economy as good or excellent, the first time that number has been in single digits since the days just before the 1992 election. Just 14 percent said the country is heading in the right direction, equaling the record low on that question in polls dating back to 1973.

More voters trust Obama to deal with the economy, and he currently has a big edge as the candidate who is more in tune with the economic problems Americans now face. He also has a double-digit advantage on handling the current problems on Wall Street, and as a result, there has been a rise in his overall support. The poll found that, among likely voters, Obama now leads McCain by 52 percent to 43 percent. Two weeks ago, in the days immediately following the Republican National Convention, the race was essentially even, with McCain at 49 percent and Obama at 47 percent.
I believe that more and more Americans are actually taking a look at the race and getting to dig into the direction we want our next president to move this country in, and that is the reason McCain is trying to show the American people that he is in touch with what is going on, hence the run back to Washington to deal with a crisis. As Obama put it best today when I saw him fielding questions, a commander in chief will have to deal with many problems not just one and be able to multi-task.
Obama opens up big lead


Dave opens up on McCain after canceling his show to go to Washington, but instead, McCain does an interview with Katie Couric, I think he ditched you Dave, watch it after the jump;

Obama Gains Ground In Georgia; McCain Leads By 8 Points - News Story - WSB Atlanta

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ATLANTA -- A new InsiderAdvantage/Poll Position survey shows that Sen. Barack Obama has whittled away at the lead held by Sen. John McCain in Georgia.

Fifty-one percent of likely voters in Georgia said they prefer McCain to 43 percent for Obama.

The 18 points lead that McCain held a week ago has dropped to 10 percentage points.

Two percent prefer other candidates and four percent are undecided.

Voters are split along racial lines with 72 percent of whites supporting McCain and 87 percent of African-Americans saying they plan to vote for Obama.

The support is also divided among men and women. Sixty-five percent of men are McCain supporters while 54 percent of women back Obama.

The poll of 503 registered likely voters, weighted for age, race, and gender, was conducted Wednesday evening. It has a margin of error of +/- 4 percent. The collected data are weighted by age, race, gender and political party affiliation.

Obama Gains Ground In Georgia; McCain Leads By 8 Points - News Story - WSB Atlanta

Chevy Volt hits the road, video style - Engadget

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This is it, I'm trading in my Chevy 4x4 for this volt, this car looks neat, give a look at it;

Chevy Volt hits the road, video style - Engadget

Obama hammers McCain over Social Security - CNN.com

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Obama is doing good in sticking on target and laying the issues out there on the table, because on social security McCain has been all over the place, if the polls swing one way McCain jumps right on the band wagon and even resort to flat out lying about what he actually said.

"I place economy among the first and most important virtues and public debt as the greatest dangers to be feared. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. If we can prevent the government from wasting the labor of the people, under the pretense of caring for them they will be happy." Thomas Jefferson
"I know Sen. McCain is talking about a 'casino culture' on Wall Street, but the fact is, he's the one who wants to gamble with your life savings, and that is not going to happen when I'm president. When I'm president, we're not going to gamble with Social Security."
The McCain campaign disputed Obama's assertion, calling it "a desperate attempt to gain political advantage using scare tactics and deceit." Election Center: Where the candidates stand on Social Security
Obama also highlighted an article McCain penned in this month's issue of the American Academy of Actuaries magazine, called "Contingencies," in which he said consumers would have more choices for health insurance products if the market was opened to more "vigorous nationwide competition, as we have done over the last decade in banking."
"He wants to run health care like they've been running Wall Street. Well, senator, I know some folks on Main Street who aren't going to think that's such a good idea," Obama said.

Obama hammers McCain over Social Security - CNN.com

Our greatest threat

Our Blogger Templates: Blogger Template: Sunset

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This template has tons of room, nice color but a little light for me, template works great though. If you need lots of run to store stuff this is a great template for you, I have not begun to use all of this template yet, go over and give this one a try, great template.

Our Blogger Templates: Blogger Template: Sunset

Free Wordpress Themes - Free Blogger Templates | InfoCreek

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This is an awesome ladies template right here, which goes to show I will try any template that looks good and performs good this is one of the best right here called notepad. Did a little color coordination on my side-bar and here you go, looks great don't it?

Soon I will put together a post to put some of my most liked templates up, I have tried out many, I don't know about this one but some will remove the photo links so if you download a template make sure it tells you if they remove the photo links, you don't want to enter your blog one day a see a bunch of GIFs that say removed from photobucket now do ya?

Free Wordpress Themes - Free Blogger Templates | InfoCreek

Government bails out AIG with $85 billion loan - Yahoo! News

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Tax payers or us for short now own about 80% of AIG, that is what it boils down to folks, whew that was a close one, according to experts don't look for this to end soon the crunch is on.

Lehman did not fair this well the bailout did not come for them.

NEW YORK — Merrill Lynch's shotgun sale to Bank of America will create the nation's largest financial-services company — one that some believe is too big to fail. Still, no one is breathing easy.

Folks this is starting to get scary, we are covered in debt, we are shipping our good jobs overseas and no one knows for real what is going to happen next? According to some annalists the bubble is starting to burst and a lot of banks just is not going to make it, lets hope they are wrong.

The economy should be now at the top of our list or it is mine and how we got here and how do we proceed from here, and this being on our minds and it is all I and my family have talked about since this started taking place and as I said before this is a scary time, we are bogged down from the borrowing from China and as a double whammy sending jobs over there.

Government bails out AIG with $85 billion loan - Yahoo! News

No Clue on how entitlements work

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September 11, 2008 it's been seven years

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It has been seven years since that fateful day in 2001 and I hope everyone remembers the victims and the families who were involved, I pray as everyone should for the families touched by this event,,,so many of us pulled together to lend a hand and many when we heard the news just could not believe this was happening, I was one of those people.

I couldn't believe this could take place, no, not here in America, when I first heard it I was driving and the music was interrupted and I remember just pulling off the road and I noticed some ahead of me had done the same and I kept telling myself this has got to be some cruel joke, this can't be happening, not in America. Pray for all this day because we are all Americans, we, are ALL Americans.

One of my favorite singers and one great song about 911,,Alan says it best;

* BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Obama win preferred in world poll

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Democrat Mr Obama was favoured by a four-to-one margin across the 22,500 people polled in 22 countries.

In 17 countries, the most common view was that US relations with the rest of the world would improve under Mr Obama.

If Republican Mr McCain were elected, the most common view was that relations would remain about the same.

The US public was polled separately and Americans also believed an Obama presidency would improve US ties with the world more than a McCain presidency.

Forty-six per cent of Americans expected relations to get better if Mr Obama were elected and 30% if Mr McCain won the White House.

A similar poll conducted for BBC World Service ahead of the 2004 US presidential election found most countries would have preferred to see Democratic nominee John Kerry beat the incumbent George W Bush.

At the time, the Philippines, Nigeria and Poland were among the few countries to favour Mr Bush's re-election. All three now favour Mr Obama over Mr McCain.


* BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Obama win preferred in world poll

Bill O'Rielly a man of reason, a man of distintion, just ask Bill he knows

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YouTube - "No Maverick" Ad

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John McCain/Sarah Palin maverick's? Not Maverick's just more of the same,,


Sarah Palin's 9 Most Disturbing Beliefs | | AlterNet

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Like John McCain, Palin's approach to the problems of teen pregnancy and STI transmission is abstinence-only education. In a 2006 questionnaire by the conservative group Eagle Forum, Palin stated: "Explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support." Presumably the programs that do find Palin's support are ones that focus on abstinence and only mention contraceptives to talk about their supposed shortcomings.

In June, Palin gave a speech at the Wasilla Assembly of God, her former church, in which she exhorted ministry students to pray for American soldiers in Iraq. "Our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God," she told them.

Palin said, "Let me take my governor's hat off just for a minute here and tell you, personally, Prop. 4 -- I vote no on that." And what is that? A state initiative that would have banned metal mines from discharging pollution into salmon streams.

The Miami Herald reported:

The Alaska governor has said that she has tried to persuade McCain to agree with her on drilling in the wildlife refuge. She also has said that she was happy that he changed his position over the summer and now supports offshore oil drilling.


Go right America, stand up and be counted, read it all after the jump;

Sarah Palin's 9 Most Disturbing Beliefs | | AlterNet

WTHR - Indianapolis News and Weather -Local group is crossing party lines

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This Fishers is North of Indianapolis and believe me it is as Republican as they come, after watching McCain's speech a group broke that trend;

Fishers - One group out of Hamilton County watched John McCain's acceptance speech even though they are crossing party lines.

They describe themselves as 'Republicans for Obama' knowing they are the minority in a Republican strong hold like Hamilton County, but say it doesn't bother them.

One Hoosier, Chuck Lasker, has voted Republican in every presidential election, but this time around he is raising some eyebrows - he wears a 'Republicans for Obama' pin all the time.

WTHR - Indianapolis News and Weather -Local group is crossing party lines

Major Christian Organization Backs Military Watchdog's Discrimination Lawsuit Against Pentagon

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The California Council of Churches IMPACT (CCCI), one of the country's largest Christian organizations, announced Friday, September 5th, 2008 that it endorses the charitable mission of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) to preserve the separation of church and state in America's armed forces. CCCI intends to support the Federal lawsuit filed against the Department of Defense (DoD) earlier this year by MRFF alleging widespread and systemic DoD persecution and discrimination against U.S. servicemen and women for refusing military command directives to embrace fundamentalist evangelical Christianity.

CCCI's endorsement of MRFF's lawsuit is significant in that it marks the very first time that a major Christian organization has agreed to lend its support to the military watchdog's efforts to keep the Pentagon from unlawfully force-feeding fundamentalist evangelical Christianity upon active duty members of the military.

CCCI intends to file a "friend of the court" legal brief in support of MRFF’s Federal lawsuit (Case No. 08-CV-2098-JWL-DJW) against the Defense Department, filed in the Federal District Court for the District of Kansas City, Kansas.

I wonder how many more will join in this effort? Surprizing to me to say the least, read it all after the jump;

YouTube - CNBC: Palin Is New Feminist Ideal Because She Wears A Skirt

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What the right is selling America, play close attention to what he says on the end, now listen, he is saying America does not care about issues, I say, tell it to the Americans who are struggling and living paycheck to paycheck.  Get a laugh after the jump,,

CNN switched gears and in doing so, shows me nothing

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Just a while ago I was watching Obama I believe he was in Pennsylvania I am not sure but I believe it was and upon switching gears as CNN called it they switched to McCain's campaign in Wisconsin and for twenty minutes now I have listened to Sarah Palin praise McCain without talking about one single issue. Finally McCain gets to the podium and 12 minutes later I still have heard nothing.

Listening to this I don't see how this is helping us accomplish anything, we must talk about issues and be able to address the American people in what exactly and how you intend to accomplish this. O.K now 35 more minutes later of praising and and kissing each other, finally, McCain says; my opponent will raise your taxes and I will lower them, since Obama is laying out exactly what he is going to do which is cutting the taxes of 95% of Americans and huge savings on the middle class, I kept wondering why are a few people not that many a few, standing there cheering for? are they low or middle class and are cheering because they will get much less under the McCain plan,,,I just dont't get it?

Good job CNN, but the next time you switch gears I think I'll switch gears and maybe start watching one of the networks carrying days of our lives, or general hospital, because if I want to see a soap opera a fantasy world I believe I would get more out of that than you switching gears from reality into never never land.

Iraq Paramilitary Group Targeted, Despite Success : NPR

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Violence has fallen dramatically across Iraq, due in part to the contributions of the Sunni paramilitary groups that are supported and funded by the U.S. military.

What is happening is the Shiite led government is now targeting these groups and could basically jeopardize any significant gains made by them. Mullah Shihab is a member of Sons of Iraq and now wanted by the government; "When my country became occupied, I exercised my legal and legitimate right to fight the occupiers," Shihab says. "When al-Qaida started killing innocent people in this country, I turned against them and began working with the Americans."

When the Sons of Iraq gained success it became a centerpiece of the American strategy, and when we read this article concerning now how the government views this sort of thing we can gain a better insight or at least a little insight of how the government works in relation to these groups and how they are also a vital role in keeping the peace.

Anymore on the net it is like a web draped over Iraq and we only get a glimpse of how everything is and draw our own opinions based on that, we see clearly that the sons of Iraq and probably a lot like them are Sunni and the government is Shiite led, it gives us a feel also that Iraq has far to go because the division is still deep within these groups. Let us look at the the next line in how the government looks at this and what we can see  is more or less 'still' based on the Shiite and Sunni and still has no indication of of any kind of unity;

Shihab's name, along with hundreds of his fighters, is on an arrest warrant — and the only ones safeguarding them now are the very people they used to fight against.

"We were against the American forces, but the Americans are now taking our side more than the Iraqi forces," Shihab says. "The Americans are protecting our leaders from the Iraqi government."

According to Shihab, several new insurgent groups with names like "the Al Mustafa Brigade" have recently sprung up in Diyala.

It's a worrying trend for the U.S. military and one that could potentially undo much of the progress that has been made.

Khalaf is unswayed and talks to them dismissively.

"I'm against this name 'Sons of Iraq,'" Khalaf says. "We are all the sons of Iraq. There is no Iraqi who is not a son of this country. Let's not get things mixed up."

His message is clear: In the province of Diyala, at least, the time of the "Sons of Iraq" is over.

Iraq Paramilitary Group Targeted, Despite Success : NPR

Workers sorry Vise-Grip plant moving to China - American City Business Journals- msnbc.com

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Another workforce lost to China, a name we will all recoginize is moving to china to make products, the Vice-Grip made in Nebraska for 80 years is shutting down;

Gary Oden has known for weeks that the plant where he has spent the last 19 years helping build Vise-Grips, one of Nebraska's most famous products, would be shutting down.

But he still wasn't completely prepared for the meeting at 5:30 Wednesday morning.
He and other employees were officially told the bad news, the kind that has stung workers in upper Midwestern states for years but is relatively uncommon in Nebraska: The DeWitt plant is shutting down so operations can be moved to China.
Workers sorry Vise-Grip plant moving to China - American City Business Journals- msnbc.com

Will Ron Paul be blocked from the floor at the convention?

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Although the Times reports that the Republicans have been negotiating with Ron Paul, Ron had this to say to CNN;
When CNN’s John King asked Paul this morning whether such reports were true, Paul laughed. “I wouldn’t put it in those words,” he said. In fact, he said the RNC seemed to be trying to keep him off the convention floor, even though as a congressman, he should be able to get floor passes without a problem.
Parts of this taken from Think Progress

Have been putting a lot out here today to digest, but scroll down a little and check out this Google Chrome browser I'm still using it and still no problems with it, I think it's a good start for Google. Hey there is just to much good politics going on,,he,he,hee.

McCain cancels Larry King appearance, cries foul

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Yesterday, Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds; appeared on CNN for an interview with Campbell Brown. Brown was tough on Bounds, refusing to let him spout typical campaign talking points. She repeatedly pressed him on Palin’s foreign policy experience and qualifications, asking him to name one decision that she made as commander-in-chief of the Alaskan National Guard. Bounds was unable to do so.
Today, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer revealed that because of that tough interview, the McCain campaign has canceled the senator’s appearance on Larry King Live tonight:

The McCain campaign said it believed that exchange was over the line and as a result the interview scheduled for Larry King Live with Sen. McCain was pulled. CNN does not believe that Campbell’s interview was over the line. We are committed to fair coverage of both sides of this historic election.
I can fill in a little more if I may I saw the interview and I think that Think Progress has it also, what she was doing or trying to do is simply hold the standard that the McCain camp has laid down itself during this champaign, in other words I'm sure you all have saw the adds, McCain constantly bickering about the experience of Barack Obama, but see they like to set the standard but when it goes to standing by it, well thats a different story and living in a state close to Russia giving one national security experience to me is sort of a lame statement in itself, I lived by the Y-12 plant in Oak Ridge for a few years but I don't see how that would enlighten me to nuclear physics. If McCain has this many problems it would be the best for him never be to debate with Obama, there he won't be able to throw down the ball and run home crying foul.

Testing new browser Google Chrome

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Can't say to much now except the tabs are on top instead of the bottom, which makes more room, seems to load web pages fast and I like the color of it, it's a two toned blue.
Download page to Google Chrome, also here is Learn more about Google Chrome.

When you click to open a new tab you have little photo's of your most recently visited pages, kind of like Opera, just click on the photo tabs of where you want to go and presto you are there, like I say I am new to it myself but it looks promising and I would say that it probably will catch on pretty good, go over and check it out for yourself and see how it runs. Update; ran into this little test,,not bad.


ST. PAUL — Thousands of protesters, many of them demonstrating against the war in Iraq, marched on Monday through the streets outside the arena where the Republican National Convention is being held, with some smashing windows and battling with the police in clashes that led to more than 250 arrests.
Although most of the protesters were peaceful, the police used pepper spray and long wooden sticks to subdue some; several demonstrators also said police officers fired projectiles at them.
Also arrested was Amy Goodman of Democracy Now;
AMY GOODMAN: More than 280 people were arrested here in St. Paul on Monday, the opening day of the Republican National Convention. Among them were several journalists covering the protests in the streets, including three of us at Democracy Now! I was detained trying to question police officers about the arrests of Democracy Now! producers Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar. Nicole and Sharif were covering a police crackdown on a street protest against the Republican National Convention.
We return to the streets of St. Paul, where more than one hundred members of Iraq Veterans Against the War held a rally on Monday. The antiwar vets marched to the site of the Republican National Convention. Jacquie Soohen of Big Noise Films filed this report.
As Throngs of Protesters Hit Streets, Dozens Are Arrested After Clashes - NYTimes.com
Democracy Now
Iraq veterans against the war
Link Within Reason

Google opens up new front in browser wars with Chrome

Posted: 9/01/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

Google has revealed plans today to release an innovative new open source web browser called Chrome that includes some extraordinary and unprecedented features. Google says that its new browser will move the web forward and provide a stronger platform for emerging web standards.

The browser is built on top of Apple's WebKit HTML rendering engine, a lightweight renderer that is known for its clean code base, good performance, and excellent standards-compliance. WebKit's versatility and the ease with which it can be embedded in applications has led to its adoption in numerous contexts, including Google's Android web browser. Alongside WebKit, Google will be using its own JavaScript virtual machine called V8, which was designed for high performance and has some compelling features.

Got this from ars technica, it seems Google is going to get into the market with this one, I can't wait till this thing comes out and give it a try.

Google opens up new front in browser wars with Chrome