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Posted: 8/27/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

This template is different indeed, I like this one also, plus it loads kind of fast also, the reason I shorten the comments RSS and Posts RSS subscribe feed is because the comments rss was bleeding out onto the notebook and I like my notebook not to have the yellow coming up on it.

Get a copy of the template to download for yourself at; BTemplates, it is a nice one and it sets up fairly easy just have to change a few things, I have not tested other browsers yet but in firefox in the layout mode it looks a little messed up what I did; Wanted to move up my translate to the top of the page, I went into edit html and moved it to the top there.Get the favicon here (Purple Pencil) or anything. You will want to add the html you get there right before </head> of your template.

Now as I mentioned before on the footer you see below the actual blog, go into html of the template and scroll almost to the very bottom look for this;
</div> <!-- end content-wrapper -->
     </div> <!--end center-->
<div class='footer section' id='footer'><div id='footer-wrapper'>
<a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl'><data:blog.title/></a> -
Diseño de:  <a href='http://www.blogsmadeinspain.blogspot.com' shape='rect' title='Blogger Templates'> A. Zambrana</a>, adaptando una plantilla de <a href='http://finalsense.com/services/blog_templates/index.htm' shape='rect' title='Blogger Templates'> Finalsense</a>


Whatever you want to add in the footer add it after this line;

<div class='footer section' id='footer'><div id='footer-wrapper'>


  1. Gran says:

    Wow! Floyd, you amaze me.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks gran, this template is very nice and very unusual to say the least, but you will love the next one up.