Testing Template DFMarine para Blogger

Posted: 8/31/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

O.K guys last one for a while I have covered pretty much of the mostly new ones and a lot of the good ones out there, this one is no different. Two column but has stuff at the top you can add on the header part and I like the social buttons feature you can put your feed, technorati link,and digg link in there if you have those, another neat quality is the drop down feature this one has look in the sidebar toward the bottom and you will see what I mean this thing is really neat and the first template I have tried that really took it this far.

I probably could put my whole sidebar in these links alone, it is really a neat feature of this template, I also have the comment box enabled like wordpress now some I have tried out the comment box does not work like it does with this template, a lot of work went into this one. Follow directions on how to change your date format so the calendar shows up o.k.

Template DFMarine para Blogger


  1. Gran says:

    Floyd, you are NOT a dull blogger :) I like this one also.

  1. Floyd says:

    This one is great, and this comment box works better in this one than some I've tried, it has a lot of features on it, thanks for dropping by and the kind words my friend.

  1. I like your new template Floyd.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks Rose I cheated a little on this one, I increased the font size from 78% up to 80% so that is not to much, my eyes just not what they used to be, thanks for dropping by.

  1. Susana says:

    estou usando este template
    meu blog ainda está em construção

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for dropping by Susana, I see you have the same template, it is a nice template I have kept this one for a while.