Testing Plantilla para blogger Subtlebeauty | Aborregate

Posted: 8/29/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

Wow this template is simply great that is all I can say, it is a subtle and yes it is a beauty, the other one I tested see the post below, was called Midnight and that one was a treat this one is a lot lighter but it is a great looking template I will run it a while and see how it goes, thinking of installing Midnight on my other blog and I hardly ever try out dark themes.

easy to install and runs like a dream so far I have also downloaded IE-8 (again) and this version is much improved over the other version it runs fast, but, it could have been the tweaks I put into it also, but so far it is running great, but, that is another post and another day.

Go over and check out these templates though you won't be sorry you did, still have some more tweaking on this page to do, bring my sidebar back a little lighter from the previous template, since lady B. is my best reader I have one for her later to put up maybe by the middle of next week or sooner that is if she don't like this one, later,,,,,,,,

Plantilla para blogger Subtlebeauty | Aborregate