Testing (again) Plantilla para blogger Subtlebeauty | Aborregate

Posted: 8/31/2008 by Floyd in Labels:

I believe just the other day I tested this one out here but had problems, I think I might have messed up some code or other? Anyway you see how it looks it looks pretty good, I like the color combination of this one real light and airy, however I like revolution also cause I can put a lot of stuff on it, 3 column is a lot different than this 2 column.

I did not change the original font on this template but I was thinking about it, I did however increase the size a little from 76% up to 80%, makes it a little easier for me to see, to make the date show up right the format needs to be; 09 March 2008 in that format.

I think the 2 column is fairly good as long as they are not cluttered, even this one is cluttered somewhat and need to get rid of a few more things, also with this one as you see the top navigation is not like the revolution template so I took off some links to cut down on clutter, clutter is your worst enemy. Anyway if you like this color combo check it out and if the font is to small just increase it a little, all in all this is a great looking template and works in blogger very well.

Plantilla para blogger Subtlebeauty | Aborregate